The Romulan Mining Guild was an organization within the Romulan Star Empire, the main authority for the mining operations that supplied the Romulan civilization with mineral raw materials.

The Mining Guild was the authority that gave Nero his title of captain and authority over his mining vessel, the Narada. (ST - Countdown comic: "Number One")

In 2386, Ambassador Spock consulted with the Romulan Mining Guild and presented his findings to the Imperial Romulan Senate. This consisted of a multi-year study of Romulus's twin planet of Remus. The findings stated that the world had been seriously overmined and in order to avoid an incident like the Klingon moon Praxis, the Guild suggested that mining operations be moved to more distant areas of space. As a result, the Mining Guild spread its operations across the Empire where hundreds of miners along with their families settled on space stations or colonies that were light-years away from Romulus.

The Guild also recommended that they be put in charge of all off-world mining, however, their request in the Senate was blocked by a Reman, Colonel Xiomek. As a result, this sparked a number of skirmishes between the Mining Guild and the Remans in various locations throughout the Empire, including a 2387 attack on the Narada. (ST website: The Path to 2409)

Although the Star Trek Online sources from Cryptic Entertainment were produced independently of the IDW Publishing comic releases, the two sources complement each other factually due to editorial collaboration. In particular, the dissent of the Remans in The Path to 2409 coincides with the otherwise unexplained Reman attack on the Narada, as seen in Countdown.
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