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The Romulan Republican Force, or RRF for short, was the military defense organization of the Romulan Republic. Its original headquarters were a fleet of ships in the middle of space, the Romulan Flotilla, before a permanent base of operations was established on Dewa III, the new Romulan homeworld. The RRF had its own uniform from the start. (STO missions: "Flight from Virinat", "Explore the Flotilla")


The RRF was established sometime in early 2409, or before. By February 2409, the RRF maintained an ever increasing fleet of starships appropriated from the Tal Shiar, or former Romulan Star Navy vessels. These vessels operated throughout official Romulan Star Empire space and sought out independent Romulan colonies in the Tau Dewa sector block. One such world was Virinat, where an RRF ship helped spoil a joint Tal Shiar/Elachi invasion of Virinat. The Virinat survivors were invited to join the Republic's efforts to fight back against the Tal Shiar. (STO missions: "Flight from Virinat", "Explore the Flotilla")

To gain legal recognition from neighboring powers, the Proconsul of the Romulan Republic, D'Tan, tasked the RRF with finding a suitable world to colonize. The RRF picked the unclaimed, lush planet Dewa III. The Republic named Dewa III its capital, and designated as New Romulus, joint homeworld of the combined Romulan and Reman people. (STO mission: "The Search of New Romulus")

Leadership of the RRF passed from Commander Temer to Subcommander Nadel when Temer sacrificed himself at the international conference on Khitomer to save Klingon Councilor Wodan's life. The United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire subsequently became allies of the Romulan Republic. Because of the state of war between the UFP and the Empire, and limited resources available to the Republic, RRF officers had to pledge allegiance to either Starfleet or the Klingon Defense Force, gaining access to the respective forces' equipment, personnel and installations. (STO missions: "Turning Point", "Neutral No More")

The Republic rose to become a major power in local space, and the RRF expanded quickly. Shipyards were established on New Romulus, and new starship classes unique to the Republic were introduced. Admiral Kererek assumed command of the RRF, and a flagship, the RRW Lleiset, was commissioned. (STO mission: "New Romulus Aid" et al.) The Republic's influence expanded further when it gained access to the Solanae Dyson Sphere in the Delta Quadrant, and the RRF assumed command of Allied Joint Command. The commanding officer of the SDS became Romulan Commander Kaol. (STO missions: "Sphere of Influence", "Circles within Circles")

Later in 2410, the military was referred sometimes to as Romulan Republic Navy but retained the RRF abbreviation. (STO websites: The Allied Cooperative Starship Development Board, The Temporal Warship Bundle!)


The bulk of the military equipment was re-purposed material from the Romulan Star Navy. (STO mission: "Explore the Flotilla") However, the military soon begun to build ships of their own. The first new starship class developed by the Romulan Republican Force in the New Romulus Shipyards was the Ar'Kif-class tactical warbird. (STO website: Legacy of Romulus Dev Blog #43)

The RRF had its own uniform. Its ranks were reminiscent the Star Navy. Of the Republican allies, both Starfleet and the KDF offered ships, officers and material. (STO missions: "Flight from Virinat", "Explore the Flotilla", "Neutral No More")

For its ships, the the Republican Force used the standard prefix RRW (Romulan Republican Warbird). All of its ships were considered warbirds. Other available prefixes included ARW (Allied Romulan Warbird) for Romulan ships acquired from the mirror universe and USS as well as IKS for ships received from the Republic's allies. (STO mission: "Neutral No More")

As of 2409, the leader of the military was Admiral Kererek. The military headquarters were on New Romulus. The first and current flagship of the RRF was the Scimitar-class RRW Lleiset. (STO missions: "Beginning of a New Future", "Sphere of Influence")

Ranks and titles

Ranks of the Romulan Republican Force:


The RRF originally relied on designs developed by the Romulan Star Empire but had begun to conceive ships of their own. (STO website: Legacy of Romulus Dev Blog #43)

Auxiliary craft class

Starship classes

Significant bases

Species diversity

The majority of RRF personnel were Romulans, with a significant minority of Remans. Many of the Remans were members of the Reman Rebellion, or surviving colonists from Crateris colony. Some of the Romulan and Reman officers were also liberated Borg drones. The RRF also open to aliens as well. Starfleet and KDF officers were allowed to serve as exchange officers. The only non-vulcanoid member of the Lleiset's bridge crew was Deferi. (STO video game: Legacy of Romulus)



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