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The Romulan Star Navy, also known as the Romulan Imperial Fleet, Grand Fleet, or Romulan Imperial Star Navy, and commonly referred to as Imperial armada or space fleet was the space force of the Romulan Star Empire. The Star Navy operated fleets of warbirds, birds-of-prey and other starships and was often at the forefront of the Star Empire's contacts with the Klingon Empire, United Federation of Planets and other external affairs. (TLE novel: Serpents Among the Ruins, TOS novel: The Empty Chair, et al.)

The Romulan military has no official canon name. The name "Romulan Star Navy" comes from usage in FASA RPG module: Romulan Ship Recognition Manual and Last Unicorn RPG module: The Way of D'era: The Romulan Star Empire. "Romulan Imperial Fleet" comes from the ST reference: Starship Spotter and the term "space force" was used to refer to the Romulan fleet by a Klingon in the TOS comic: "Alien Spotlight: Romulans". "Grand Fleet" comes from the Rihannsu series of TOS novels, while STO mission: "Uneasy Allies" refers to the organization first as the "Romulan Imperial Star Navy", which is truncated to "Star Navy" later in the mission. The star navy may exist as a branch of the larger Romulan military organisation, the Romulan Guard.

Romulan warships in battle with the Federation Starfleet.


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During the Dominion War, the Imperial Fleet participated in the First Battle of Chin'toka, the Second Battle of Chin'toka, the Battle of Cardassia and many other encounters with the Dominion. The flagships of the Imperial Fleet included the IRW D'ridthau and the IRW Rovaran. (DS9 episode: "What You Leave Behind", CCG set: Tenth Anniversary Collection)

In 2380, the Imperial Fleet was divided between those forces loyal to the new Praetor, Tal'Aura, and those loyal to Commander Donatra, commanding officer of the IRW Valdore. The segments of the Imperial Fleet loyal to Donatra later captured Achernar Prime and several other farming worlds, providing the military of the newly-declared Imperial Romulan State. (ST novel: Articles of the Federation)

In the chaos following the Hobus supernova of 2387 the Star Navy was largely co-opted by the Tal Shiar, while many of its officers defected to the Romulan Republic. By 2410 few warbirds remained to the organization. (STO episode: "Vengeance"; STO mission: "Uneasy Allies")


Starship classes

Romulan starship classes
Romulan language names AlocalaAmarcanAmosarrAye MosaramBaydronCaladanComiliusD'delithamD'deridexD'dredarDelithamDelon VastamDeresusD'gerokD'KazanakDraconariusD'renetD'retexD'ridrenD'seraD'serenD'tavanD'therosD'valekD'vangaD'viretD'virinD'VorixDhelanGalan StelriGanumGolgarothGrafflerHathosHorosIvarixKelkarrumKhnialKlivai Vang'radaiLanoraLlaihrLlaiir'DhaelMandukamMeretMogai ~ NorexanMoorabbinMorlasam Cl'vangasMorlasasi StelamMularrNarvasam'alNarvasam StelasNei'hrrNelvekNir'atN'renixOcala SindariPhaerosPraexPrelarRalaaram OcalaRalekRanajmarRas LovahR'daranR'derexRe'ravsamReemeaRevastalR'tanSerexSethenShirekralStelai'delethamS'ten VastamT'varoS'ten TalasamTakaanTakara MorlattaTalas MosarumTemar VastaramTemar VastariThalanTheronTirethiT'kairinT'kassanT'korexT'LissT'rasusT'varoUstalam StelasVadakVadaso StelriVas HathamVas Hatham (scout)Vas'delethamVas'kalabamVas'maklaramVas'rosvlaiVastagor LattamVastagor VastarumVastam Cl'vangasVastari SanalamVastemeVelesVenatorVentarixVeranalVercaalVerelan VastarumVereleusVespinVidianVithrelV'gerenV'gurinV'tanaV'tirValdore Emblem of the Romulan Star Empire.
Translated names (Akif) • Battlehawk • "Bird of Paradise" • Bird of PreyBird of Prey (scout)Centurion (cruiser)Bright OneComet of DestructionDeath TalonDeath FlyerDefender of StarsDreadnaughtEnhanced FireExecutionerExplosive AvengerFalconFree FlightFire SwarmGallant CarrierGallant WingGraceful FlyerGreat DefenderGriffinGryphonHarpyHawkHeavy DefenderHunterImperial HawkImperium • (Kalath) • Kestrel • (K'hanakh) • (K't'inga) • LegionLittle NestNestarNight FlyerNightwingNovaPhoenixPraetorPraetorianProtectorRaptorScimitarSenatorShadowShrieking BirdShrikeSilver BirdSkyfireSnipeStar SeekerStargliderStarlifterStormbirdSwarmSwift WingTalon ~ ThetaTraitorous EnemyUnbound BrotherVengeanceVigilant OneWar EagleWhitewind ~ WhitewingWind CarrierWing of DoomWing of VengeanceWinged DefenderWings of Justice
Alphanumeric names B-type warbirdCS2 • (D7D7 AkifD7M) • E5F2H4H5I4I7J2J3J4J8 • (K3) • M4M8N1N2N5N8P2P3P12Q1Q4R1R4S3S4S9S11T2T5T10ThetaU4U7U9U13U15U21V1V2V4V5V6V7V8V9V11 (D7)V20V27V30 ~ V31Z1
By time period or type biogenic transport22nd century bird-of-prey2150s bird-of-preylate-2150s bird-of-prey23rd century bird-of-preylate 23rd century bird-of-prey2370s bird-of-prey25th century bird-of-preyattack raptorbattlecruiser22nd century cargo ship24th century cargo shipcolony shipconstruction shipmining freighterrepair shipscience vessel


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