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This page contains a list of Romulan starships, displayed in alphabetical order.

Starships by state
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ship name registry class type
(IRW Adamant) warbird
IRW Adjacian D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
IRW Albius D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
RIS Alidar IRC-13402 Lanora-class courier (scout)
ChR Amie ChR-18 Vas Hatham-class bird-of-prey (cruiser)
IRW Antius D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
"Arakkab" Stormbird-class (K't'inga-class) battle cruiser
IRW Araram D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
ChR Arien
ChR Ar'kalid
IRW Auleius D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
(IRW Avatar of Tomed) D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
(ChR Avenger) (K'hanakh-class) frigate
ChR Averek Deresus-class heavy scout
ChR Azmuth


ship name registry class type
(IRW Battle Helm) Amarcan-class warbird
(ChR Battlequeen)
IRW Belak D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
(ChR Bird of Prey) Vas Hatham-class bird-of-prey (cruiser)
(ChR Bloodsword)
(ChR Bloodwing) ChR-63 Vas Hatham-class bird-of-prey (cruiser)
RIS Bochral IRC-13003 Lanora-class scout
ChR Bokra scout
ChR Brak'makh


ship name registry class type
IRW Cacivus D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
ChR Calam cruiser
IRW Cathex Hawk-class warbird (heavy battle cruiser)
IRW Cestron D'valek-class swift warbird
IRW Chairo D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
ChR Chula scout
IRW Clania D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
(ChR Claw That Rends Our Enemies' Flesh)
IRW Clenos D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
(ChR Courser)
IRW Crolvius D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
(ChR Cuirass)


ship name registry class type
ChR Daami Ventarix-class
IRW D'Arvuk D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
IRW D'daen D'valek-class swift warbird
IRW D'dara D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
ChR D'delean Meret-class incursion cruiser
IRW D'dereq D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
RIS D'deridex IRC-1900-A D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
IRW D'desedex D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
ChR Decius
(RIS Defender) battle cruiser
IRW D'entin D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
RIS D'era IRC-13210 Lanora-class courier (scout)
IRW Deranas IRC-1959 D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
IRW D'ereq D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
ChR Deresus Deresus-class heavy scout
RIS Desmus IRC-13445 Lanora-class scout
ChR Destrix IRC-1502 Vas Hatham-class bird-of-prey (cruiser)
RIS Devoras IRC-1911 D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
IRW Dividices D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
ChR D'jarek Deresus-class heavy scout
ChR D'kalam T'rasus-class starbird (light cruiser)
IRW D'merak IRC-1979 D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
IRW Draco warbird
ChR D'relix D'virin-class incursion frigate
IRW D'ressa D'valek-class swift warbird
RIS D'ridthau
IRW D'seret D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
ChR D'stelen T'rasus-class starbird (light cruiser)
IRW D'tavet D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
ChR D'tervek Meret-class incursion cruiser
ChR D'tharan T'rasus-class starbird (light cruiser)
IRW D'Trell D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
ChR Durelan T'rasus-class starbird (light cruiser)
IRW D'vairin D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
IRW D'valek D'valek-class swift warbird
IRW D'varian D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
IRW D'vinn D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
ChR D'virin D'virin-class incursion frigate


ship name registry class type
(ChR Eagle)
ChR Eisn
ChR Elizsen Vas Hatham-class bird-of-prey (cruiser)
ChR Enem Vereleus-class dreadnought
ChR Esemar
(ChR Experience) patrol ship


ship name registry class type
ChR Fardraw smallship
(ChR Future Fire) patrol ship


ship name registry class type
ChR Gal Gath'thong IRC-1100 Vas Hatham-class bird-of-prey (cruiser)
IRW Gal Gath'thong warbird
ChR Galtizh bird-of-prey
IRW Ganelan IRC-1985 D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
IRW Ganelax IRC-1998 D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
IRW Gannius D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
IRW G'Anohok D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
(ChR Gauntlet)
RIS Gilidan IRC-13105 Lanora-class courier (scout)
(ChR Gladiator) Stormbird-class battle cruiser
(ChR Glory)
(ChR Glory Quest)
(ChR Gorget) heavy cruiser
ChR Greave cruiser
RIS Grenax IRC-13407 Lanora-class scout


ship name registry class type
IRW Haakona IRC-1952 D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
IRW Hadargeros D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
IRW Harax IRC-1969 D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
(ChR Helve)
ChR Henzu
ChR Hheirant Stormbird-class (K't'inga-class) battle cruiser
IRW Hiyll'aeh D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
ChR Hmenna ChR-49 Vas Hatham-class bird-of-prey (cruiser)
(ChR Honor Blade)


ship name registry class type
RIS Ignus Proelium Raptor-class cruiser
RIS Ila Griffin-class
RIS Imderia Shrike-class light cruiser
IRW Imparatrex D'valek-class swift warbird
RIS Impavidus D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
RIS Impavidus Lanora-class frigate
RIS Imperatoris Accipiter Falcon-class destroyer
RIS Imperix Raptor-class cruiser
RIS Incepteris Lanora-class frigate
RIS Inclutus D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
RIS Indagator Lanora-class frigate
RIS Infini Shrike-class light cruiser
(ChR Infinitus)
IRW Intrakhu Mogai-class warbird
RIS Inydar Shrike-class light cruiser
RIS Irese Griffin-class
IRW Irix D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
RIS Irixidon Shrike-class light cruiser


ship name registry class type
RIS Jaridix IRC-13449 Lanora-class courier (scout)
(ChR Javelin) Stormbird-class (K't'inga-class) battle cruiser
IRW Javlek D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
IRW J'pax D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)


ship name registry class type
ChR Ka'frah
IRW Ka'ja D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
IRW Kazar D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
"Kenek" Stormbird-class (K't'inga-class) battle cruiser
ChR Keterix IRC-1258 Vas Hatham-class bird-of-prey (cruiser)
IRW Khazara IRC-1958 D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
IRW Kormoran IRC-2001 D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
IRW Kormorex D'valek-class swift warbird
ChR Korvix IRC-1262 Vas Hatham-class bird-of-prey (cruiser)


ship name registry class type
IRW Lacrius D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
ChR Lahai
ChR Lattem Meret-class incursion cruiser
IRW Lhorakis D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
IRW Livex D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
ChR Llemni ChR-98 Vas Hatham-class bird-of-prey (cruiser)
IRW Loa-var tug
ChR L'Sattak
IRW Ludelvius D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
IRW Lykara warbird


ship name registry class type
IRW Macro D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
ChR Madail ChR-103 supercruiser
IRW Makluan warbird
IRW Maricus D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
ChR Marilon D'virin-class incursion frigate
RIS Marrus Vereleus-class dreadnought
ChR Mederem Meret-class incursion cruiser
ChR Memenda ChR-1675 Stormbird-class (Akif-class) battle cruiser
IRW Menvutus D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
IRW Mereidex D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
RIS Meret Meret-class incursion cruiser
ChR Meron IRC-1191 Vas Hatham-class bird-of-prey (cruiser)
(ChR Moonhawk)
ChR M'sarr


ship name registry class type
ChR Neirrh ChR-330 Vas Hatham-class bird-of-prey (cruiser)
ChR Nexem IRC-1101 Vas Hatham-class bird-of-prey (cruiser)
(IRW Night Raven) warbird
IRW N'ventnar D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)


ship name registry class type
IRW Octius
IRW Onus
ChR Orudain ChR-66 Vas Hatham-class bird-of-prey (cruiser)


ship name registry class type
IRW Pacestius
IRW Paeso
IRW Pecassia
ChR Peligius IRC-1205 Vas Hatham-class bird-of-prey (cruiser)
IRW Pellecia
IRW Petrask D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
RIS Pi IRC-13301 Lanora-class scout
ChR Pilaron Vereleus-class dreadnought
(ChR Pillion) Stormbird-class (K't'inga-class) battle cruiser
ChR Pirrip smallship
IRW Plaurullius
(ChR Praetor Pontilus)
IRW P'tarch warbird


ship name registry class type
IRW Querulbo


ship name registry class type
ChR Raffish patrol ship
ChR Ra'kholh (K'hanakh-class) frigate
(ChR Raptor) Vas Hatham-class bird-of-prey (cruiser)
ChR Ravon timeship
(ChR Raze) carrier
(ChR Rea's Helm)
(ChR Red Talon) Stormbird-class battle cruiser
ChR Remus
IRW Reshaa'ra warbird
RIS Rilidam Lanora-class courier (scout)
IRW Rom'drex
IRW Rovaran D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
IRW Rucorius


ship name registry class type
ChR Sahah'lill
IRW Sakti
IRW Saneraspis
ChR Scorah
IRW Scrillius
ChR Sculex IRC-1424 Vas Hatham-class bird-of-prey (cruiser)
RIS S'delon Meret-class incursion cruiser
IRW Sedunius
IRW Seganico
RIS Septral IRC-13332 Lanora-class scout
IRW Serrola
IRW Sha'arik D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
ChR Shalyar battle cruiser
ChR Shardarr bird-of-prey
(IRW Sharp Sword) Amarcan-class warbird
IRW Sistius
IRW S'lar warbird
(ChR Soar) patrol ship
ChR Sor Vereleus-class dreadnought
IRW Soren
ChR S'tar D'virin-class incursion frigate
IRW S'tema
IRW S'tel D'valek-class swift warbird
ChR S'ten Meret-class incursion cruiser
IRW Sulvian
(ChR Sun Falcon)
ChR Suran IRC-1423 Vas Hatham-class bird-of-prey (cruiser)
ChR Suretak Deresus-class heavy scout
RIS Surin IRC-13499 Lanora-class scout
IRW Sutian
IRW Suttius
ChR S'var D'virin-class incursion frigate
IRW S'varan D'valek-class swift warbird
(IRW Swift Kill) Amarcan-class warbird
IRW Syrinx D'Kazanak-class warbird


ship name registry class type
IRW Tabodus
(ChR Talon) Stormbird-class (Akif-class) battle cruiser
IRW Tarlon D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
ChR Tdal scout
IRW T'deret D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
IRW T'dir D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
IRW Tekel
IRW Telbostius
ChR Tellus IRC-1100 Vas Hatham-class bird-of-prey (cruiser)
RIS Terix IRC-1969 D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
ChR Teverresh cruiser
ChR T'Favaron transport vessel (scout)
(ChR Theta) Lanora-class courier (scout)
IRW Thrai Kaleh warbird
ChR Thraisat
ChR T'Laratex T'rasus-class starbird (light cruiser)
ChR T'lava Lanora-class courier (scout)
IRW T'met IRC-1964 D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
ChR Tomed
ChR Toravek IRC-1167 Vas Hatham-class bird-of-prey (cruiser)
ChR Torelan Deresus-class heavy scout
RIS Tovanal IRC-13434 Lanora-class courier (scout)
ChR Tovarek Vereleus-class dreadnought
ChR T'rarian Deresus-class heavy scout
ChR T'rasus T'rasus-class starbird (light cruiser)
IRW Trennis IRC-1959 D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
IRW Tridonius
IRW Trocus
IRW T'salvan D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
IRW T'seren IRC-1902 D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
IRW Tuttialius
ChR T'velen IRC-1206 Vas Hatham-class bird-of-prey (cruiser)
ChR T'Vir
RIS T'vrixis IRC-13013 Lanora-class scout
RIS T'xeren T'rasus-class starbird (light cruiser)


ship name registry class type
ChR Uhtta ChR-24 supercruiser


ship name registry class type
IRW Vadenius
IRW Valdore
IRW V'ashan
ChR Vassam Meret-class incursion cruiser
ChR Vastara IRC-13389 Lanora-class surveyor (scout)
ChR Vathos D'virin-class incursion frigate
IRW Vattilius
RIS Veletan Vereleus-class dreadnought
IRW Vellius IRX-1900 D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
IRW Vencus
(IRW Vengeance) warbird
ChR Venkar IRC-1210 Vas Hatham-class bird-of-prey (cruiser)
ChR Vereleus Vereleus-class dreadnought
IRW Vicilius
(IRW Victorious) Amarcan-class warbird
(IRW Vigilance) D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
IRW Vilus
ChR Virin IRC-13377 Lanora-class courier (scout)
ChR Visen T'rasus-class starbird (light cruiser)
IRW Visidix IRC-1976 D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
IRW Visis
ChR Vixal IRC-13301 Lanora-class scout
ChR V'mendin D'virin-class incursion frigate
ChR V'nitor D'virin-class incursion frigate
IRW Vopputus
IRW Votantius
IRW V'rela
IRW Vrelnec
RIS V'tallus Meret-class incursion cruiser
ChR V'teldam Lanora-class courier (scout)
ChR V'tirex Deresus-class heavy scout
ChR Vurin Deresus-class heavy scout


ship name registry class type
(ChR War Thorn) patrol ship
(ChR Whip Hand)
(ChR Wildfire)
(ChR Worshipper)


ship name registry class type
"Ykir" Stormbird-class (K't'inga-class) battle cruiser


ship name registry class type
ChR Xi D'virin-class incursion frigate


ship name registry class type
ChR Zdonek
IRW Zokoras IRC-1943 D'deridex-class warbird (battleship)
ChR Z'Rok