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Ronald Penn was Starfleet cadet in the 2280s decade.


In the year 2286, Penn was assigned to the training vessel, USS Cluster. He was left in command of the Cluster when Captain Edward Fields and a landing party beamed to a planet in Sector 9. However, Capt. Fields and the landing party were ambushed by Romulans under Commander Lazar. Penn wanted to send Fields back up, but the Captain told him to get away from the planet and keep the shields up. Despite that order Penn ordered the captain to beamed aboard. Unfortunately, the captain was killed before he was beamed up.

Penn, determined to avenge Field's death, decided to fight the Romulans. Despite objections from communications officer Ventura, Penn continued his actions threatening court martials on anyone. When the Cluster came into range of the ChR Harrier, Penn ordered the deflector shields kept down. When the Harrier attacked, Penn ordered his helmsman Bigelow to return fire. (TOS comic: "Idol Threats")

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