Sulu roses DC Comics

Hikaru Sulu tends to some roses.

A rose (Rosa rubifola) was a colorful and fragrant flower which typically symbolized affection in Human tradition. (VOY episode: "Someone to Watch Over Me")

History and specificsEdit

During his brief time aboard the Federation starship USS Enterprise in the year 2266, Charles Evans used his psionic powers to create a pink rose, which he subsequently gave to Janice Rand as a gift. (TOS episode: "Charlie X"; TOS - Star Trek 1 novelization: Charlie's Law)

In 2269, Leonard McCoy believed that giving a rose to the visiting Katalya Tremain would be an appropriate gift. (TOS novel: Vulcan!)

The Thomas Jefferson Memorial Rose Garden had several roses of display, including the Peace rose. (DS9 novelization: The Search)



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