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Introduction (blurb)[]

On the edge of uncharted space...

Captain Jonathan Archer and the crew of the Starship Enterprise™ find their way forward blocked by a mysterious alien vessel, piloted by a race they will soon come to know as the Antianna. Unable to decipher the alien ship's transmissions, unwilling to risk a battle, Enterprise is forced to veer from its planned course.

Almost immediately, they find themselves in the heart of space ruled by the Thelasian Trading Confederacy, who have also had dealings with the Antianna. The Thelasian leader, Governor Maxim Sen, is in fact in the middle of organizing a war against the Antianna, to eliminate the threat they pose to the Confederacy's trading routes.

Archer suspects Sen has other motives as well. He also suspects that there is a reason for the Antianna's seemingly hostile posture. But with the assembled races of an entire sector against him, he needs more than just suspicions. He needs facts. And only one woman can give them to him: Ensign Hoshi Sato. If she can translate the Antianna language, peace may just be possible. If not, war -- a devastating sector-wide war -- will soon result.



Enterprise personnel[]

Jonathan ArcherCarstairsChefElizabeth CutlerHessJohn LeeTravis MayweatherDonna O'NeillPhloxPorthosMalcolm ReedKatreen RileyRodriguezHoshi SatoShannonT'PolCharles Tucker IIIYamana
Referenced only 

Other Starfleet personnel[]

Erika HernandezRobert McCormick
Referenced only 
Maxwell ForrestLinda Teodoro


Referenced only 

Other characters[]

AloranDikenEmmenGreenHaelJaedezKudaNalaPozGemel PrianQuirshMaxim SenTeravenR'shee TheeraVerkinWodenYandreas
Referenced only 
Alexander the GreatJulius CaesarNoam ChomskyZefram CochraneGuruk DolimFeinsteinMahatma GandhiPhillip GreenJerome HeglerJakonJames MadisonMao ZedongPaul Mayweather, Jr.Paul Mayweather, Sr.Steven PinkerElvis PresleyBei QuajongDonal RaffertyMadeline ReedRoiaRubyThy'lek ShranStrazSurakT'LesSimone TamUrmstranSteven E. WeislerYusa

Starships and vehicles[]

IKS c'Hos (D3-class) • courier shipEnterprise (NX-class) • S-12 (mediation vessel)
Referenced only 
Columbia (NX-class) • Conani freighterescape podfighter planeH'ratoi fighterH'ratoi patrol vesselECS HorizonKenza-class (cargo transport) • IGS LokuneOlaneRoia Fourscavenger ship


Beta QuadrantMaldeev Meteor CloudProcyron VII (Thelasian Assembly ChamberTura PrexUpper Solarium) • Procyron system
Referenced only 
Alpha CentauriAlpha QuadrantAndoriaAzure NebulaBarcana VIBarcana sectorBarcana StationBeta K'LeasCoreidaCoreida sectorDeimosDelphic ExpanseDenevaEarth (602 ClubPacific OceanSe An PuraSpace NeedleWarp Five Complex) • H'ratoi PrimeKarrus Primelistening outpostMorianne (Prex Morianna) • P'JemPhobosQo'noSRigleigh's Pleasure WorldRinaSaleeas OptimThelasian-Klingon Neutral ZoneX-17

Races and cultures[]

AndorianAntiannaBynarConaniDenobulanH'ratoiHuman (Anglo-SaxonEnglish) • KanthropianKlingonMaszakianPalisanPfauTellariteThelasianVulcan
Referenced only 
AenarBarreonBaustinCentauranDalokDondranFerengi • Human (AmazonianEgyptianHuantamosRoman) • MahadabalaminOrionPreserverRigelianShandeekiSzegedyTrill (Trill symbiont) • VendorianXindi-Reptilian

States and organizations[]

Andorian EmpireKanthropian Trade LegationKlingon Defense ForceKlingon EmpireThelasian Defense CouncilThelasian Trade AssemblyThelasian Trading ConfederacyUnited EarthUnited Earth StarfleetVulcan Cultural Exchange Commission
Referenced only 
Allied WorldsAndorian Science ServiceAndorian Security DivisionAndorian Imperial CouncilEarth Cargo AuthorityImperial Science ConsortiumMediation CouncilRed CrossSection 31Teff-Langer ConglomerateTh'Langan Equipment Fabrication ConsortiumThelasian Intelligence DivisionThelasian Separatiststrading consortiumTraining InstitutetribeUniversal Translator ProjectVulcan CouncilVulcan Intelligence DirectorateXindi Council

Ranks and titles[]

academicadmiralambassadorarmory officerarms merchantathleteautocratbartenderbiochemistcaptainChief of Starfleet Operationscolonelcommandercommunications officercourtesandelegatedoctorelderemperorengineerensignexobiologistfirst governorfirst officerfirst techniciangeneralguardgunnery officerhistorianinterrogatorlegatelibrarianlieutenantlinguistmediatormerchantmercenarypainterpirateproctorscience officersecond commandersecurity chiefsergeantserverslaverspice merchantspytax collectorterroristtrade ministertradertranslatorvendorvice-ambassadorvice-nagusviceroyxenobiologistyounger

Science and technology[]

amnesiaandroidanthropologyantibioticsaquaticarchaeologybandwidthbipedbrain (neural pathwaysynapse) • carbon dioxideChomsky's principlesChomsky's theory of universal grammarClass Mcommunicatorcomputerdata cubedilithiumdisruptor pistolduraniumecholocationEEGelectromagnetic spectrumelectron flowEM fieldenvironmental suitflexpaddforce-screenforcefieldfrequencyfrequency analysishologramimpulse driveinput padinsectoidion cannonlanguage meaning unitlaser pistollaser riflelife supportlinguistic theorymind-siftermolecular disruptormutagenic gasnanometernervous systemneural disruptorneural implantnuclear warheadnutritional lexiconsupplementoreoxygenpaddparasitephase cannonphased-array disruptorphotonic torpedophysicspolarized hullrelay stationremote sensor stationreplicatorreptilianrespiratory systemRoia-12satellitesensorsensor arraysensor artifactsewage recyclersociologysoftware agentsolar panelsonic showerspectral matrix scanstimulanttactical displaytelepathytranslation matrixtransportertype-2 FTLuniversal translatorvirtual realityVulcan databasewarp drivewarp nacellewaveformwavelength

Other references[]

213821472nd century BCThe Allied Worlds: Apocrypha and Established Factanalysis chamberAndorian flatrootbaked potatobankbatbazaarbookbrigbureaucracycargo podcheesecoffeecollarconclavecontractcotcrackercredit chitdemocracydiplomatic immunitydogdressduty shiftfariddfeeThe Forbin Projectfried chickengaghgrammargurneygymimparay redbatinterstellar relationsJapanese languagekanarkappa-makiKeelanknifelaser-tagLatinlibraryliteratureMaszakian breakfast stewMaymind meldmiso soupmonasterymoneymot'lokmummyOrion languagepokerquartersrain forestrice crackerRomulan alesaladsandwichscotchshowershuttlebaysilkSilurian grayfishsolariumspaghetti and meatballsSaint Patrick's DayStandard Starfleet coding systemstardatesteaksweet potato pietarifftekka-makiTellarite EmbassyterrorismToward a Universal Translator: Alien Grammars and the Limits of the Possibletuxedoupper classvocabularyVulcan star chartswaterwater clockwater polo




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