Harvester rig Rostok

The Rostok was a harvester rig in operation on the planet Prairie in the 2250s.

In 2254, while the Rostok was harvesting corn, the shuttlecraft Icarus crash-landed into the fields nearby. The Rostok scrambled it's complement of skimmers to control the fire while Claire Thorn took one of the skimmers without water tanks fitted to go and search for survivors, she found Christopher Pike.

Pike was being pursued by his Klingon adversaries, which concerned the Rostok's crew, who feared they would track Pike to their vehicle. Their concerns were soon realized when a Klingon assault squad beamed down and began battling the crew to capture Pike. When Pike's ship the USS Enterprise arrived to rescue Pike they drove off the Klingons and administered medical aid to those who had been injured in the attack before leaving the Rostok to continue it's quiet farming life.

The Rostok's crew included Cabot and Luthor, and a former Starfleet officer; Claire Thorn, who decided to leave with the Enterprise. (EV comic: "The Flat, Gold Forever")

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