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Doctor Rota Sevrin (also known as Ton Sevrin) was a male Tiburon scientist and research engineer of note in the United Federation of Planets during the 23rd century.


Sevrin was noted for his work in the field of communications at the Simeran Sciences Academy in the capital city of Onakk on the planet Tiburon, the homeworld of his civilization. In particular, Sevrin's expertise was in acoustics and electronics theory, with his knowledge leading his writing to be incorporated as textbooks in Starfleet Academy courses used to educate Starfleet cadets on these subjects.

In the 2260s decade, Sevrin's work came to a halt when he was diagnosed with a debilitating medical condition, a disease called synthococcus novae. The incurable illness was a bacterial result of lifeforms living in unnatural technological settings, a shocking development which caused a break in Sevrin's mind. Sevrin's disease restricted him to environmentally-controlled settings of quarantine, ending his ability to travel and conduct research, causing him to harbor a deep resentment of modern technology. His inability to flee technologically-regulated areas that he grew to hate more and more eventually caused him to slip into total insanity. (ST reference: The Worlds of the Federation)

Sevrin closeup

Sevrin in 2269.

By the year 2269, Sevrin had begun to express a crazed desire to find the mythical planet Eden, and had joined a group of anti-establishment activists. Sevrin became the leader of a small band, followers of a philosophy known as One. He and his followers stole a space cruiser, Aurora in search of Eden. The group was pursued by the USS Enterprise, and were taken aboard. Although they were initially given some priveliges as guests, such as permission to share the music of their cause in the ship's recreation rooms, Sevrin's followers eventually managed to take control of the starship, using Sevrin's specialty in sound to incapacitate the crew. Sevrin and party eventually found what they believed to be Eden in the Federation-Romulan Neutral Zone. Stealing the shuttlecraft Galileo II, they found that the planet they had discovered was beautiful, but that it proved to be toxic to humanoid inhabitation. Dr. Sevrin refused to leave, and took a bite out of a poisoned fruit, committing suicide. He died almost instantly. (TOS episode & Star Trek 5 novelization: The Way to Eden)

Sevrin was played by actor Skip Homeier.

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