The Roth Dining Room is a state dining hall taking up the entirety of Floor Twelve of the Palais de la Concorde. The Roth Dining Hall is named after the late-23rd Century Federation President Hiram Roth, and serves as the location for official state dinners and other ceremonial functions for the United Federation of Planets.

With its location on Floor Twelve, the Roth Dining Room serves as an unofficial boundary between the offices of the Federation Council and its support staff, which take up Floors Three through Eleven, and the offices of the President and his/her support staff, which take up Floors Thirteen through Fifteen. The Roth Dining Room contains hundreds of tables made of genuine wood recycled from old sailing ships wrecked at sea on Earth; this recycling project had been undertaken by President Roth, and earned him the hall's name. A portrait of President Roth hangs from the Dining Room's east wall; on the west wall is a raised platform with a fourteen-seat round table, at which the president traditionally sits during state dinners. The hall is vast enough to allow for hundreds of humanoid dignitaries, and is equipped with speakers that can be used to make public announcements and to play the Anthem of the United Federation of Planets or foreign anthems during official functions.

In May 2380, President Nanietta Bacco of Cestus hosted a state dinner in the Roth Dining Room to welcome the delegation from Trinni/ek to Earth. Unfortunately, the Trinni/ek had a negative reaction to radiation from Sol, causing irrationally hostile behavior that ruined the dinner. (Articles of the Federation.)

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