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The Roth Dining Room was a state dining hall, taking up the entirety of the twelfth floor of the Palais de la Concorde. It was named for former Federation President Hiram Roth, and contained hundreds of wooden tables recycled from old sailing ships wrecked at sea on Earth, a project spearheaded by Roth himself. A portrait of the former president hung on the east wall of the hall. A raised platform sat on the west side of the hall, and was where the president and his or her party would be seated during formal events.

The Roth Dining Room served as an unofficial boundary between the offices of the Federation Council and staff on floors three through eleven, and those of the Presidential staff on thirteen through fifteen.

In May 2380, President Nanietta Bacco hosted a state dinner welcoming a delegation from Trinni/ek in the Roth Dining Room. Unfortunately, the Trinni/ek had a negative reaction to radiation from Sol, causing irrationally hostile behavior that ruined the dinner. (ST novel: Articles of the Federation)

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