Royla is the homeworld of the Roylan people. It is located in either the Alpha or Beta quadrants.


A Roylan settlement beneath several celestial bodies in the night sky

The planet has a rocky, mountainous surface which led to the Roylans to evolve their hard, bony skin and squat bodies. The Roylans lived in settlements consisting of tall, column-like buildings connected by long narrow walkways.

There are several other celestial bodies in close proximity to Royla, at least three of which are visible in the night sky.


Keenser leaving Royla with the crew of the USS Kelvin

in 2230, first contact occurred when the USS Kelvin arrived and Captain Robau, Lieutenant Commander Kirk, and Lieutenant K'Bentayr met with the Roylan people. An unusually large and technologically gifted Roylan, Keenser, joined the crew on their return trip to Federation space and eventually joined Starfleet. Despite this, it is unknown whether Royla has become a member of the Federation. (TOS comic: "IDW Star Trek, Issue 14")

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