Rozahn was a Bajoran female and a member of the Provisional Government in the 2370s decade.

In the year 2370, she and Vedek Sorad came to Deep Space 9 to inform the Skrreea of Bajor's decision to not allow them to live on the planet. (DS9 episode: "Sanctuary")

Rozahn was to play a sports match of some sort with First Minister Asarem Wadeen in 2376, although the Bajoran leader had to cancel after hearing of the death of Rava Mehwyn. (DS9 - Worlds of DS9 novel: Bajor: Fragments and Omens)



Kitty Swink played Rozahn in "Sanctuary". In the Star Trek Encyclopedia volumes 2 and 3, on page 420, "Betty McGuire" is credited with the role of Rozahn.

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