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Ruby was a female human female from Earth living on the east coast of North America in the 23rd century.

Ruby was engaged to Starfleet Commander Gabe Bush, first officer of the USS Bozeman. However, shortly before their planned wedding in 2278, the Bozeman disappeared without a trace in the Typhon Expanse, after they had disrupted a Klingon attack on Starbase 12.

After Starfleet called off official search operations, Ruby used every resource at her disposal to continue: chartering ships, lobbying admirals, hiring search services, etc. She refused to give up hope, even as her resources dwindled and she had to deal with an increasingly shady class of characters to continue her efforts.

Years later, Ruby was left with a single small ship which she operated herself. Eventually, someone sold her information that Gabe was a Klingon prisoner, and she took her ship into Klingon space. She was captured, convicted of espionage, and sent to Rura Penthe. When the Klingons discovered she had been betrothed to the Bozeman's first officer, they took revenge on her for the failed attack on Starbase 12, and returned Ruby to the Federation in ten small boxes. (TNG novel: Ship of the Line)

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