Rudimonians were a warp-capable humanoid civilization native to the planet Rudimon.


In the late 22nd century, Rudimonians succeeded in unifying their society and developing warp drive. They launched a warp flight into space which led to first contact with the Federation. At least one early warp scientist left Rudimon at that time, but circa 2198, political unrest led to war and the severing of all outside ties.

In 2268, Rudimonians managed a fragile peace and reached out to the Federation for rebuilding assistance. The starship USS Enterprise was dispatched, and many of her crew worked to assess medical, engineering, and educational conditions in Rudimon's most populated city. However, within hours of their arrival, a forgotten, unstable nuclear reactor overloaded, destroying portions of the city and killing nearly 70 members of the ship's crew. As sickbay became overwhelmed with casualties, the rescue mission was reluctantly abandoned in favor of bringing Starfleet casualties to the medical facilities at Starbase 47.

Notable Rudimonians



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