Rugast Dagran (born reference stardate 1/69) was a Tellarite man who served Starfleet as an engineer in the 23rd century. By the late 2260s decade, Dagran had attained the NCO rank grade of master chief petty officer and was the chief engineer of Federation Deepspace Research Facility 39.


Born circa stardate 1/69, Dagran was in his forties in his position on FDRF-39. As a Starfleet engineer, Dagran's 2260s personnel file has noted proficiency in using and working with the technology and operation of computers, electronics, environmental suits, life support systems and tranporters, as well and general mechanical engineering. Dagran had also zero-gravity operations and personal combat, and was recognized for his street smarts and skills at carousing in psychological examinations.

On stardate 2/1111, Dagran and the entire space station crew vanished during a routine communications check-in with the starship Enterprise. Investigation later found that an infestation by I'Iglii had precipitated the situation. (FASA RPG module: The Vanished)

The exact outcome of the mission is not certain, as it was in the hands of the RPG player whether or not the situation could be satisfactorily resolved. The date of the incident was not derived from the original RPG source, but from the FASA RPG module: Star Trek IV Sourcebook Update.


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