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While searching an unexplored sector for the missing Starfleet science vessel USS Jonathan Levy, the USS Enterprise-A traverses an exceptionally-dense stellar cluster, where an energy-based alien lifeform boards the starship. The lifeform manages to disrupt the Enterprise's internal sensors and deflector shields, taking over various crewmembers (including Chief Engineer Scott, Lieutenant Saavik, and Commander Chekov) via alteration of its electromagnetic profile. Proceeding deeper into the cluster, another pair of the lifeforms board the Enterprise, appearing to Captain Kirk aboard the bridge, and revealing that the "runaway" alien was merely attempting to experience life by proxy through the starship's crew, coming at the very end of their own unique lifespans. Spock surmises that the aliens' life-cycles are the key to finally understanding the elusive stellar pulse phenomenon, a long-standing scientific mystery. Soon afterward, the Enterprise-A is hailed by Captain Lightfoot of the Jonathan Levy, who reveals that they too encountered the aliens, and were simply incommunicado during the "cosmic dance," and never in any actual danger. In wonderment over their shared encounters, Captain Kirk decides that the sector might be a good location for a new Federation starbase after all…

Log entries

  • Captain's log, Stardate 8611.1
    The Enterprise is continuing its search for the U.S.S. Jonathan Levy, the science-survey ship reported missing in this unexplored sector...
    ... Maintaining course toward the
    Levy's last known location-- the largest star of an unusually dense stellar cluster.
  • Captain's log, supplemental
    Still no sign of the U.S.S. Levy. Our search continues.



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USS Enterprise-AUSS Jonathan Levy

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