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This page details Ryan Leslie in the primary universe; for the Leslie in the Kelvin timeline created by Nero's temporal incursion see Frank Leslie (Kelvin timeline).

Ryan Leslie (also known as Frank Leslie or Edward "Ed" Leslie) was a Human who served Starfleet as an officer during the 23rd and 24th centuries. In the 2260s decade, Lieutenant Leslie served in the operations division aboard the USS Enterprise. Leslie was cross-trained to perform a variety of duties aboard the Enterprise from helm and navigation duties, to security and engineering. (TOS reference: Star Trek II Biographies; TOS - Who's Who in Star Trek comic: "Issue 1"; TOS novels: The Fire and the Rose, A Choice of Catastrophes, Present Tense)

Early life and Starfleet Academy

Leslie was born off of Earth in the early 23rd century. (TOS novel: Legacy) However, he would go on to spend his formative years living on the family's ranch in the city of El Paso, Texas. As Leslie grew up, he would hike to the nearby Starfleet Impulse Engine Testing Grounds on clear summer evenings. He would observe the firing of the impulse engines and wondered if they would pass inspection and where they would be ferried off to if they did pass the inspections. (TOS - Who's Who in Star Trek comic: "Issue 1")

After completing his required education, Leslie enlisted in the space service and began his course of study at Starfleet Academy. Leslie soon developed an interest in martial arts, including judo, fencing, and karate. Many of his fellow classmates later recalled Leslie as being a "...straightforward, strong young man" and "a nice quiet fellow, who could beat any two men in a fight...". James T. Kirk, who also attended the Academy at the same time as Leslie, recalled him as "the kid who always beat him in judo matches. (TOS - Who's Who in Star Trek comic: "Issue 1")

USS Enterprise

The five-year mission

Lieutenant Leslie was assigned to the USS Enterprise's at the request of Captain Kirk, who was impressed with Leslie's record in navigational sciences, which led to him being assigned as a relief navigator and helmsman. His advanced skills in martial arts also allowed Leslie to take on a second career as a security officer. (TOS - Who's Who in Star Trek comic: "Issue 1") As with many junior officers serving under Kirk, Leslie soon became cross-trained to work in a number of departments and stations including communications, engineering and sickbay. (TOS novel: A Choice of Catastrophes) Kirk later recalled Leslie as being a "man of few words, never drawing attention to himself" which, despite his proficiency in many departments, may have negatively impacted his career. (TOS - Mere Anarchy novella: The Darkness Drops Again)

Leslie was serving aboard the Enterprise when the starship first crossed the galactic barrier in 2265. (TOS episode: "Where No Man Has Gone Before"; TOS - Who's Who in Star Trek comic: "Issue 1"; VAN novel: Harbinger) During breaks from his various duty assignments, Leslie socialized with shipments in one of the Enterprise's recreation rooms or in a bar. (TOS episodes: "Charlie X", "The Trouble with Tribbles"; DS9 episode: "Trials and Tribble-ations"; TOS novel: Legacy) He would also regularly visit the ship's gym for intenseive workout routines. (TOS - Crucible novel: Provenance of Shadows)

Leslie's spotless record during his service aboard the Enterprise does contain one embarrasing sidelight, with the lieutenant once risking a count of mutiny on stardate 3417.3. Leslie had abandoned his post after the crew became temporarily affected by spores during the Enterprise's visit to Omicron Ceti III. Leslie had proceeded to a nearby transporter room with the intentions of joining the colonists on the surface. When Kirk ordered him to retain to his post, Leslie disobeyed the captain's order. He returned to the Enterprise after being cured of the spores and would later remark that Kirk never seemed to hold it against him. (TOS episode: "This Side of Paradise"; TOS - Who's Who in Star Trek comic: "Issue 1")

Communications officer

Leslie relieved Lieutenant Uhura at the communications station when she and most of the bridge officers attended a briefinf by Carolyn Palamas, the Enterprise's archaeology and anthropology officer as the starship approached planet Talin IV in 2269. As the Enterprise was operating under communications blackout, Leslie was ordered to focus his attention on any emergency transmissions. (TOS novel: Prime Directive)

Leslie was referred to as an ensign during this novel.

Duty officer

Leslie in the command chair.

Given Leslie's experience he was assigned as a duty officer and would assume command of the Enterprise when Captain Kirk and other members of the senior staff were unavailable. Leslie assumed the command chair after the alien Trelane had appeared on the Enterprise's bridge and abducted eight members of the crew as the ship orbited planet Gothos on starsate 2126.1. Upon escaping captivity, Kirk and the other seven officers resumed their posts. (TOS episode: "The Squire of Gothos")

Leslie later served as the duty officer on stardate 3088.7 as Kirk pursued the scientist Lazarus to an uncharted iron-silica planet in order to retrieve the ship's stolen dilithium crystals. Following Kirk's return to the bridge, Leslie discharged the ship's phasers, destroying Lazarus's spaceship and sealing the negative magnetic corridor, forever trapping Lazarus with his antimatter counterpart and saving both universes from mutual annihilation. (TOS episode: "The Alternative Factor"; ST reference: The Star Trek Encyclopedia)


Leslie operating the bridge engineering station.

Leslie was also on the bridge during a mission to investigate the discovery of the sleeper ship SS Botany Bay on stardate 3141.9. During the course of the mission, Khan Noonien Singh and 72 of his "supermen" were rescued from the Botany Bay hulk. After the reanimation of Khan, Captain Kirk invited Leslie and other members of the crew to an officer's dinner to investigate their guest's origins and motivations. After Khan's identity became known, the genetically engineered superman escaped from quarters and sabotaged the Enterprise engineering control systems, trapping Leslie on the bridge and cutting off that deck's life support. Leslie and the bridge crew lost consciousness from oxygen deprivation.

Khan had Leslie and the unconscious bridge crew brought to the briefing room, where he tried to get them to pledge loyalty to him as the new commanding officer of the Enterprise, making them watch as Joaquin Weiss beat Lieutenant Nyota Uhura, and piped in viewscreen images as another of Khan's supermen slowly suffocated Captain Kirk in sickbay's decompression chamber. When Marla McGivers helped Kirk escape, Kirk and Spock flooded the briefing room with anesthesia gas, rendering Leslie unconscious, along with the captors. (TOS episode & Star Trek 2 novelization: Space Seed)

Leslie was stationed at the engineering console on the bridge during the Enterprise's discovery of the planet Gateway. (TOS episode: "The City on the Edge of Forever"; TOS - Crucible novel: The Fire and the Rose)

Leslie was stationed at the engineering and environmental systems station during the Enterprise's rendezvous with the USS Lexington around stardate 3034. (TOS novel: The Disinherited)

Leslie was operating the bridge engineering console when the Enterprise was ordered to use the slingshot effect and travel back to the year 1968 on a temporal research mission. Following the Enterprise's safe arrival in orbit of 1968 Earth, Leslie reported that the starship's warp engines were nominal, although Chief Engineer Scott commented that he meant "no worse than expected" and that three days would be needed to get the engines fully functioning again. (DTI novel: Forgotten History) Leslie later performed a sensor scan as the Enterprise intercepted a transporter beam carrying Gary Seven and Isis from a hidden planet a thousand light years away. (TOS episode: "Assignment: Earth")

On stardate 6720, Leslie served as Lt. Commander Scott's relief at the engineering console on the bridge during the Enterprise's mission to the planet Kyros. When a radiation front moved in on the Enterprise's position, Kirk ordered Leslie and Sulu to tie in their computer banks with the sciences station in the hopes of determining more about the phenomenom. (TOS novel: Spock, Messiah!)

In early 2270, Leslie manned the engineering and environmental control station as the Enterprise struggled to escape an interdimensional rift that had already cost the lives of the crew of the USS Halcyon and the sanity of Enterprise Lieutenant Jerry Dubois. Leslie reported the Enterprise's successful escape from the rift and the subsequent closure of the aperture where the starship had entered. (TOS - The New Voyages short story: "Intersection Point")

Helm officer

Leslie operating the helm.

Leslie assumed the helm when the Enterprise departed starbase Vanguard to investigate the destruction of the starship USS Bombay in orbit of Ravanar IV on stardate 1326.1. He later manned the helm when the Enterprise left the starbase en route to Earth. (VAN novel: Harbinger)

In 2266, Leslie was appointed as second-shift helm officer and often worked navigator Lieutenant Andrew Stiles. (TOS - The Janus Gate novel: Present Tense) With the crew exposed to a virus during a mission to Psi 2000 on stardate 1704.2, Leslie assumed the helm after an infected Lieutenant Sulu abandoned his post. He struggled to maintain the Enterprise's orbit around the decaying planet and later witnessed a sword-wielding Sulu invade the bridge. Leslie himself later became infected with the virus and was relieved of his post by Captain Kirk. (TOS episode: "The Naked Time") Leslie was cured along with the rest of the Enterprise's crew and later relieved Sulu for his standard second-shift helm assignment following the starship's escape from Psi 2000's gravity well. (TOS - The Janus Gate novel: Present Tense)

Leslie operated the helm on stardate 2819.8 when he warped the Enterprise out of planetary orbit after Lenore Karidian had been institutionalized for her medical insanity at a medical facility on Benicia. (TOS episode: "The Conscience of the King"; ST reference: The Star Trek Encyclopedia)

On stardate 5524.2, Leslie manned the helm as the Enterprise limped to the Wagner Trading Post following an attack by a Klingon battle cruiser. (TOS novel: Dreams of the Raven)

In late 2269, Leslie replaced Sulu at the helm when he was assigned to welcome Lieutenant Arex aboard and given him an orientation tour of the Enterprise. He later served at the helm during the Enterprise's involvement in the conflict between the Syhaari and the Breg'Hel. (TOS novel: The Latter Fire)

Medical assistant

Leslie was rotated into sickbay to serve as an emergency medical technician on at least two occasions. Doctor McCoy would often confuse him with Connors, a similar looking officer who served as a navigator. (TOS novel: A Choice of Catastrophes)

During his rotation in sickbay, Leslie treated Commander Spock's injuries after the M-113 creature infiltrated the Enterprise and assaulted the first officer on stardate 1513.8. (TOS episode: "The Man Trap") On stardate 3372.7, Leslie assisted McCoy in conducting a physical on Spock, which revealed that he was suffering from the Vulcan neurochemical effects of pon farr. (TOS episode: "Amok Time")

Leslie would once again serve as a medical technician when the Enterprise was hit by a number of subspace distortions shortly after departing Deep Space Station C-15 on stardate 4747.6. Leslie's arm was injured after the initial disruption, but he was quickly patched up by McCoy, who conscripted him to assist in treating other injured members of the Enterprise crew. (TOS novel: A Choice of Catastrophes)


Leslie as a navigator.

Leslie assumed the navigation console during the Enterprise's mission to Modala on stardate 3012, working alongside Lieutenant Sulu at the helm. Following the disappearance of Captain Kirk and several landing party members, Leslie recalled his landing party mission to Beta III and near death at the hands of Landru and the Lawgivers. (TOS - The Modala Imperative comics: "Tools of Tyranny", "The Price of Freedom", "For Whom the Bell Tolls")

Leslie was later at the navigation console on stardate 3541.9 when the Enterprise was en route to the Malurian star system, investigating a distress call and facing a barrage of attacks by the interstellar space probe Nomad. After the attack had ceased, Nomad was beamed aboard the Enterprise where it killed Commander Scott. Leslie was tasked with carrying Scott's body to sickbay, but was not present to witness his resurrection by Nomad. (TOS episode: "The Changeling"; ST reference: The Star Trek Encyclopedia)

Leslie later worked at navigation alongside Lieutenant Rahda at helm during the Enterprise's rescue of the USS Endeavour from the Ivratis asteroid belt shortly after stardate 6045. As well as charting the Enterprise's course through the dense asteroid field, Leslie was also in control of the ship's weapons systems as the starship encountered interference from Klingon battle cruisers. (TOS novel: Agents of Influence)

Leslie served at the navigation station replacing Ensign Pavel Chekov, who had assumed the sciences station, during the Enterprise's involvement in the conflict between the Excalbians and the malevolent cosmic entity known as the Demiurge on stardate 6100. (TOS novel: Savage Trade)

Security officer

Leslie on his first security assignment on Delta Vega.

Leslie's first assignment as a security officer aboard the Enterprise saw him join a surface detail to the automated lithium cracking station on the planet Delta Vega I on stardate 1312.4, where they were ordered to watch over the mutated Lieutenant Commander Gary Mitchell who was contained in a holding cell. (TOS episode: "Where No Man Has Gone Before"; TOS - Who's Who in Star Trek comic: "Issue 1"; ST reference: The Star Trek Encyclopedia)

Leslie was a part of the second landing party to Beta III on stardate 3156.2, when the Enterprise was assigned to investigate the disappearance of the USS Archon a century earlier. He fired his hand phaser on an attacking mob, stunning them as the landing party struggled to flee. Leslie was later absorbed into the body of Landru, an ancient computer modeled after its creator, but he was later freed when Captain Kirk immobilized the device. (TOS episode: "The Return of the Archons"; TOS - The Modala Imperative comic: "For Whom the Bell Tolls"; ST reference: The Star Trek Encyclopedia)

Leslie was violently attacked by a dikironium cloud creature during a planetary survey of Argus X on stardate 3619.2. The creature had drained all of Leslie's red blood corposcules from the body, leading Doctor McCoy to declare him as deceased in an autopsy report. Leslie was later revived and returned to active duty. (TOS episodes: "Obsession", "The Omega Glory") Later that year, Leslie was exposed to a virus when he beamed down to planet Omega IV and held custody of Captain Ronald Tracey of the USS Exeter, who was being held for violating the Prime Directive. (TOS episode: "The Omega Glory"; TOS - Who's Who in Star Trek comic: "Issue 1"; ST reference: The Star Trek Encyclopedia)

During the Enterprise's mission to the Beta Canzandia III colony on stardate 3998, Leslie was instructed to assemble a security team in preparation to take back the colony from Klingon invaders. He then accompanied Captain Kirk to the planet's surface and participated in securing the colony. (TOS novel: Faces of Fire)

Later service aboard the Enterprise

Service under Admiral Kirk

Leslie continues to serve aboard the Enterprise following her extensive refit in the early 2270s. Once again serving under now-Admiral Kirk by 2277, Leslie had been promoted to the rank of lieutenant commander and offered a position on the senior staff as the Enterprise's A and A officer. As with Leslie's first tour of duty aboard the Enterprise, he also took on additional duties as a transporter chief. (TOS - Star Trek II Short Stories short story: "Under Twin Moons", "Wild Card")

Shortly after the Enterprise's arrival at planet Regulus III, Leslie and the entire senior staff were assembled at a banquet to honor Fleet Admiral Karis Tatenen on the Enterprise's recreation deck. (TOS - Star Trek II Short Stories short story: "The Blaze of Glory") Shortly after, Leslie attended another banquet, this time accompanying Admiral Kirk's landing party to Macedon III, where they attended a lavish banquet hosted by Matriarch Miranie. (TOS - Star Trek II Short Stories short story: "Under Twin Moons")

Leslie was the transporter chief on duty during the Enterprise's planetary survey of planet Marris V. Leslie personally saw to the transport of the various samples that Commander Sulu had gathered for his collection and had subjected both Sulu and the samples to the standard decontamination procedures. Unbeknownst to Leslie, a type of phylo-plankton bacteria had been brought aboard the Enterprise and had started spreading among the crew. Commander Spock and Dr McCoy eventually developed a treatment for the phylo-plankton with Leslie being one of the first officer's treated. (TOS - Star Trek II Short Stories short story: "Wild Card")

Service under Captain Spock

Following the successful completion of the second five-year mission under Kirk in 2278, the Enterprise returned to Earth to undergo months of testing by the Starfleet Corps of Engineers before eventually being reassigned as a research vessel, a test-bed for prototype technologies and a Starfleet Academy cadet training vessel under Captain Spock's command. With many of the Enterprise's senior staff seeking reassignment, Leslie remained aboard and was appointed as security chief. (TOS - Mere Anarchy eBook: The Darkness Drops Again)

Shortly after stardate 7969.2 (November 2279), Spock ordered Leslie to accompany Admiral Kirk and Commander Uhura on a mission to the planet Mestiko to retrieve the Federation scientist, Marat Lon. Considering the hostile political environment that had developed on Mestiko, it was decided that Kirk and his party would undergo cosmetic surgery by Doctor Duane to pass as the native Payav, and instead of taking the Enterprise into orbit, Kirk and his team would approach in a Wraith-class shuttlecraft. After successfully arriving on Mestiko, the team were able to locate Lon. (TOS - Mere Anarchy eBook: The Darkness Drops Again)

Later career

By the year 2285, Leslie had retired from active service and had decided to write his autobiography, entitled Starwarp, where he reminisced about his Starfleet career, focusing on his previous service aboard the Enterprise and his relationship with the crew. (TOS novel: Star Trek II Biographies) In the following year, Leslie also gave an interview about his service aboard the Enterprise. By this time, Leslie had returned to Starfleet and had accepted a posting aboard the USS Lexington. (TOS - Who's Who in Star Trek comic: "Issue 1")

Eight years later, Leslie joined many of his former Enterprise crewmates as he attended Kirk's memorial service in the grounds of Starfleet Academy, following his former commanding officer's death aboard the USS Enterprise-B. (TOS - Crucible novel: The Fire and the Rose) Speaking of his former captain in the interview conducted years earlier, Leslie stated that one of his best assets was his resemblance to Kirk and, on several shore leaves young women had tapped him on the shoulder mistaking him for his captain. When the interviewer asked if his resemblance to Kirk had ever gotten him to trouble, Leslie remarked: "everyone who has confused me for the captain seems to have been pleased at the prospect of seeing him again." (TOS - Who's Who in Star Trek comic: "Issue 1")

In the following decade, Leslie had gone on to serve aboard the USS Ingersol and space station KR-1. Despite serving in Starfleet for over fifty years, Leslie submitted an application to serve as Captain Sulu's chief of security aboard the USS Excelsior, following the departure of Leonard James Akaar to the USS Kuala Lumpur. Given that Sulu had serve alongside Leslie for decades, he readily accepted his application.

In 2308, the Excelsior was destroyed by a trans-universal portal in orbit of Rejarris II. Most of the crew survived the ship's destruction and escaped through the portal to planet on the other side. First officer Beskle Crajjik was killed when the escape pod he was in crashed, so Sulu promoted Leslie to be his first officer. Leslie and the remaining Excelsior crew were rescued eleven years later by the Enterprise-B. (TLE novel: One Constant Star)



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Background information

Leslie was played by Eddie Paskey, a regular extra who served as a set stand-in in 58 episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series. According to Paskey's website he was named after William Shatner's eldest daughter, Leslie Shatner.

As with many characters from Star Trek: The Original Series, Leslie was not given on onscreen and canonical first name, leaving the expanded licensed media to fill the gap. In 1982, Wanderer Books published Star Trek II Biographies by William Rotsler. Rotsler suggested that Leslie's first name was Edward in honor of Eddie Paskey. This name was later used again, sometimes as the shortened Ed in Pocket Books Present Tense (2002) and A Less Perfect Union (2008), where it was used for an alternate version of the character. In 1987, DC Comics' Who's Who in Star Trek suggested his first name was Frank.

The most common first name given for Leslie, however, is Ryan. This name was first attributed to the character in 2006's The Fire and the Rose, but has since been used in numerous novels including A Choice of Catastrophes, The Latter Fire and One Constant Star.

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