Rycho is a 23rd century humanoid man, a scientist and cyberneticist.


In the 2260s, Doctor Rycho constructed a series of Mortard robots who then built him an underground base on the planet Raylo. The robots captured members of a rescue team led by Doctor Burton, locking them in stasis chambers which extracted their life energy.

In 2266, Rycho sent rocket drones to attack a landing party from the USS Enterprise, disabling James T. Kirk and Spock with a hypnotic knock-out powder. Kirk succumbed and walked into one of Rycho's stasis chambers, but Spock and Leonard McCoy released him, recovered the rescue party and brought Rycho back with them. (TOS comic: "Rescue at Raylo")

Kirk and Spock later met Rycho on an unnamed planet in orbit of an orange star. Rycho commanded several beast-like creatures who captured the officers. Rycho was killed when the planet blew up. (TOS comic: "Magic Painting (1)")



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