A Rykunian octopus was a type of cephalopod, a non-sentient, aquatic lifeform not native to Earth.

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The animal was large, tan, and had strong tentacles, some of which were two feet thick. They were covered with suction cups and easily capable of lifting a Human. The animal had two large eyes, six-inch-long fangs and a wide maw. It produced a horrific screaming sound when happy.

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In 2266, a Rykunian octopus was being studied at Urey University. When James T. Kirk first met Leonard McCoy’s daughter Barbara McCoy, Kirk followed a screaming sound to find Barbara apparently on the verge of being devoured by one of these animals. He drew his phaser to help her, but she explained that Jobo was always excited at meal times, pulled herself away from the tentacles, and gave it a treat. (TOS comic: "Furlough to Fury")

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