S'uora was a sentient, malevolent cosmozoan lifeform imprisoned within the core of the planet Tau Beta IV.

Its lifespan was indeterminate, at least 10,000 years. Its body was 500 meters wide and composed of writhing purple tentacles. It was maniacal, manipulative, egotistical and arrogant. It boasted to have ruled this part of the galaxy (despite Spock being unfamiliar with it) and also claimed to have the most powerful mind ever.

History[edit | edit source]

10,000 years ago, unknown beings formed the planet Tau Beta IV around S'uora as a prison, arranging copious amounts of dilithium into a lattice structure that contained it and drained its energy. It remained there, withering in size over the millennia.

In the 23rd century a Federation dilithium mining station was built on the planet's surface. When terraforming efforts proved too costly, it was converted to an automated station. Geologist Alan Becker explored caverns beneath the surface and discovered S'uora. The lifeform's telepathic abilities allowed it to burrow into the mind of Becker and manipulate him.

In the 2260s, Becker's wife, Leila Kalomi, suspected something was amiss with her husband and asked Spock to investigate. S'uora attempted to control the Vulcan's mind as a means of escaping from the planet, but Spock overcame its influence. During their struggle, Becker suffered a skull fracture.

S'uora had been larger in the past, nearly as large as the planet. Kalomi believed that S'uora would be dead in less than a century, so long as it remained isolated. (TOS - New Visions comic: "The Hollow Man")

It was unclear whether S'uora was unique or a member of a species.

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