S'vec was a male Vulcan who lived in the time before the events of the Awakening.

He was noted as being one of the first adepts of the philosopher Surak and lived during a time when the people of Vulcan warred with one another. S'vec travelled with his followers to the Tat'sahr province in order to preach teachings of peace and logic to the inhabitants. For a time, he was successful and peace did come to the region. However, the warlord Xi'rev saw this as an opportunity to attack his rival Lhai. Though Lhai was prepared, he suffered heavy losses amongst his army. After which, Lhai used the events as a way of discrediting Surak and his movement. In order to ensure that peace remained, S'vec travelled to the court of Lhai where he attempted to negotiate a peace. However, Lhai claimed that he was spying for his enemies and publicly executed him in 322. Though he was dead, S'vec's followers attempted to complete his work and preached logic or died in the province.

According to tradition, the death of S'vec and his followers served as an example of the power of peace and logic which converted the sons of Xi'rev and Lhai which in turn brought about a lasting peace in the region. In honor and recognition of his work, S'vec's followers sealed their masters home and erected a Shrine in his name before departing the region. (Last Unicorn RPG module: The Way of Kolinahr: The Vulcans)

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