The SGK Kaur was Khan Noonien Singh's flagship submarine during Eugenics Wars. Its dense double hull, modeled on that of a Russian Typhoon-class supersubmarine, had also been reinforced with a unique, impact-absorbing alloy found only in one remote and isolated African kingdom. For offense it used lasers, Tomahawk missals ordinary, and Shkval, an experimental torpedo developed by the Russians in the late 1970s, and improved upon since, could reach a top speed of 100 meters per second, while an ordinary torpedo could travel at best 130 kilometers per hour; it operated on the principle of supercavitation, which reduced hydrodynamic drag by enclosing the torpedo within a self-generated bubble of water vapor and gas.

On February 7 1994 Khan attempted to attack Serbia with the Kaur. He entered the Adriatic sea where he was intercepted by a Serbian Akula-class, which only succeeded in damaging Khan's supersub with one Shkval torpedo before it was destroyed. The damaged SGK Kaur completed its mission but was destroyed shortly after by a mobile mine. Only Khan managed to survive and swim to safety on the Italian shore. (TOS novel: The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh, Volume 2)

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