The SS Azura was a Federation starship, a Tuffli-class freighter in Bolian service in the 2400s decade. Azura's commanding officer was Captain Danna Brott. (STO - Klingon War mission: "Stranded in Space")

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Early in the year 2409, the Azura came under attack from Orion pirates in the Vulcan sector, and was boarded. A Starfleet starship answered Captain Bott's distress call and engaged the Orions in space and onboard the freighter. The away team rescued incapacitated crew members and killed the Orion pirates before blowing up their vessels to prevent them from further endangering the Azura. Brott tried to stabilise the warp core before she was rescued by the victorious Starfleet crew, being the last to abandon ship.

With the Azura wrecked, Brott used her savings to acquire the more formidable SS Azura II. (STO - Klingon War mission: "Stranded in Space")

If the team includes a player specialised as engineer, the warp core can be stabilised and the Azura warps to safety. If no player is an engineer, the ship is destroyed in a core breach. The vessel is replaced by the Azura II in both cases.

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