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In the Kelvin timeline, SS Botany Bay was an Earth spacecraft, a DY-100 sleeper ship upgraded into a warp-capable survey vessel in Augments faction service from the late 20th to the mid-23rd century. (TOS video game: Fleet Command)

History and specificationsEdit

During the Eugenics Wars, Khan Noonien Singh of the Khanate and Bernard Maltuvis of Maltuvisland were allies and cooperated on the development of the DY-100 sublight sleeper ship. A vessel of this type was launched, passing its test.

The vessel that would become the Botany Bay was held at the eponymous location in Australia, Botany Bay, north of Sydney. When Maltuvis betrayed Khan and launched an invasion of India, the Khanate started their counter-offensive and seized major population centers in Maltuvisland. In 1996, the Humans of Earth succeeded in overthrowing their Augment rulers. Khan and 84 of his followers boarded, and named, the Botany Bay. The Botany Bay area was bombed just as the sleeper ship had lifted off. (TOS - Khan comic: "Issue 3")

Vanguard discovers Botany Bay

Derelict and found.

Adrift for centuries, the Section 31 starship USS Vanguard discovered the derelict vessel in 2258. Its crew was left in stasis, as it was towed by the Vanguard to Section 31's Io Facility. After Section 31 had used the records aboard the Botany Bay to determine the identities of the crew, Admiral Alexander Marcus had Khan brainwashed into a loyal Section 31 agent. When Khan regained his memory and went rogue, he commenced data mining operations to find where his crew was being kept but could find no mention of the Botany Bay whatsoever in Section 31's records. (TOS - Khan comics: "Issue 4", "Issue 5")

In 2262, the Neutral Zone was rocked by signals that Khan had escaped Federation confinement. (TOS video game: Fleet Command in-game notification panel)

Khan and his followers seized several star systems near the Klingon Empire, forming the Augments faction. (TOS video game: Fleet Command)

Khan upgraded the Botany Bay to a warp-capable survey vessel that was a match for contemporary craft. (TOS video game: Fleet Command in-game notification panel)

Around stardate 2262.45, the Botany Bay and other ships of its class were among the vessels used by the Independent faction in the Neutral Zone. The ship found a berth at the friendly E-class starbase Home Station.

During the war between the Federation, Klingons and Romulan Star Empire in the trilateral Neutral Zone, the Horizon was one of the ships defending Home Station, aligned and non-aligned star systems in the contested zone from Nausicaans, Jelna, and other hostiles. The ship's weapons and capabilities could be upgraded at Home Station, and crew rotations were handled at the starbase as well. (TOS video game: Fleet Command)



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