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In the Kelvin timeline version of the mirror universe, SS Botany Bay was an Earth spacecraft, a DY-100 sleeper ship upgraded into a warp-capable colony ship in Augments faction service from the late 20th to the mid-23rd century. (TOS - Live Evil comic: "Part 1")

History and spefications[edit | edit source]

After fleeing Earth in 1996, the Augments led by peace-monger Singh remained at large until the 2250s, when the Terran Empire recovered the Botany Bay. The Augments were allowed to found the Botany Bay colony on Ceti Alpha V.

Due to Terran savagery, the Augments kept the Botany Bay hidden in a magnetically-shielded cave, and outfitted it with weapons, a warp core and a quartet of warp nacelles. With the arrival and capture of the USS Enterprise by Spock (mirror), Singh collected his people and left Ceti Alpha V with the Botany Bay. (TOS - Live Evil comic: "Part 1")

To uphold a promise, Singh traveled to Vulcan, where the Botany Bay engaged the ISS Enterprise in battle with its phasers, allowing the USS Enterprise to escape. While that Enterprise returned to its universe, the fate of Singh and the Botany Bay remained uncertain. (TOS - Live Evil comic: "Part 3")

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