The SS Charles Darwin (NCC-173) was a Federation starship, a Daedalus-class science vessel in service in the 2260s decade. The ship's crew consisted of 160 men and women, and was led by by the brusk Captain Abida. The Charles Darwin was a 23rd century refit of the Daedalus class. Unlike its sister ships of the previous century, the warp nacelles ended in white globes, and blue panels decorated the top of the engineering hull.

Service historyEdit

On stardate 4203.4 (2267), the Charles Darwin rendezvoused with the USS Enterprise to take over its study of a doomsday machine. Following the Enterprise's departure, a crazed alien who had followed the planet-killer in his ancient fighter escort for three million years, attacked the Charles Darwin. The Enterprise returned and stopped the madman, but was unable to save the Darwin or its crew from destruction. (TOS - New Visions comic: "Cry Vengeance")



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