For the similarly named Starfleet vessel, see: USS Shelton.

The SS Ian Shelton was a civilian freighter owned and operated by Anne Gauvreau in the 2260s and early 2270s. Along with Gauvreau, it was home to three cats -- Komack, Fitzpatrick, and Nogura.

In 2269, the Shelton took aboard a shipment at Intrator II, after which it was then scheduled to travel to Hanover. At Intrator's Orbital Transfer Control, she met a cargomaster who identified himself as Leonard Scott, who she invited to join her crew. She later admitted that she recognized "Leonard" to be James T. Kirk, and she offered to take him aboard the Shelton to get him closer to his intended destination, Talin IV.

The Shelton was later hired to transport twenty-six former Orion slaves to a reorientation village on Delta Triciatu. (TOS novel: Prime Directive)

This vessel was presumably named for astronomer Ian Shelton.
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