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The SS Mariposa (NAR-7678), was a DY-500 class colony ship launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome on Earth on November 27, 2123. The vessel took its name from the Spanish word for butterfly. (ST website:

The Mariposa was commanded by Captain Walter Granger, and carried two groups of colonists to settle planets in the Ficus Sector: a group of Irish Neo-Transcendentalists, who established a low-tech colony on the planet Bringloid V, and a group of scientists, who settled on a planet half a light year away dubbed Mariposa.

Tragically, the hull of the Mariposa was breached during planetary descent, and only five of the original colonists survived. Those survivors used cloning technology to build the society of the Mariposa colony. (TNG episode: "Up the Long Ladder") A memorial to the 289 casualties of the Mariposa was created within one of the survivors' early shelters, and was preserved into the 24th century. (SCE eBook: Out of the Cocoon)

Daniel Okagawa read about the loss of the Mariposa as a young boy, along with stories of other famed lost vessels. (SCE eBook: Where Time Stands Still) indicates the vessel may have been "from the old European Hegemony."


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