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The SS Valiant[2] (NCC-S1104[3]), also known as USS Valiant[4], was a 21st century Earth starship, a galactic survey cruiser in United Nations service in the 2060s decade. Valiant was launched in 2065, as one of the first deep-space warp-flight craft, under the command of Captain Carlos Tarasco. gives the ship's launch date as 2064.

Service history and disposition

In December 2069, after exploring for more than four years, the Valiant encountered a magnetic storm and was knocked off course; it was swept into the galactic barrier at the edge of the galaxy. Contact with the barrier resulted in the death of six crewmembers, and led to the mutation of chief engineer, Geirrod Agnarsson, into a psionic super-human. As Agnarsson's powers began to grow he killed several security guards, and Captain Tarasco had no choice but to destroy his own ship, after evacuating his crew in escape pods. Tarasco also launched the ship's disaster recorder, in the hope it would act as a warning to future Earth vessels that came out there.

By early 2070, the Valiant survivors had spent several months in proximity to the barrier; they too began to mutate, eventually developing telepathy and psychokinetic powers. Eventually, the survivors made planet-fall on a Class M planet and established the city of Magnia.

Two centuries later, in 2265, the crew of the USS Enterprise found the Valiant recorder marker, and attempted to traverse the barrier to determine what happened to the Valiant. As with the Valiant, the Enterprise suffered extreme damage and some of its crew with ESP capacity died, with only those with higher ESP ratings surviving. (ST references: Star Trek Maps, Star Charts, Star Trek Chronology; TNG novel: The Valiant; TOS episode & Star Trek 8 novelization: Where No Man Has Gone Before; ENT episode: "In a Mirror, Darkly")

The novelization of "Where No Man Has Gone Before" by James Blish, refers to the Valiant as the USS Valiant.

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