Saavik's Story was a two-part comic story published by DC Comics in 1984, written by Mike W. Barr, as part of the first series of The Original Series. The two parts were the seventh and eighth issues of the series, "Pon Far!" and "Blood Fever".


This storyline is notable as the first titled multipart comic story arc in the Star Trek franchise, and the third multipart comic story in total. Following the events of the previous missions, Admiral James T. Kirk hosts a dinner for departing crewmember Saavik and his visiting son, David Marcus. Saavik, in the throes of pon farr, flees the Enterprise to find her mate, Xon, and has flashbacks of memory to when Spock rescued her from Hellguard.

The depiction of Saavik's rescue is similar to descriptions of the same event present in TOS novel: The Pandora Principle and TOS - Untold Voyages comic: "Worlds Collide". Some differences exist however, as the two comic versions did not depict the extreme brutality and nudity described in the narration of The Pandora Principle. Saavik's Story shows Spock visiting the colony leading an all-Vulcan Starfleet landing party, wearing a 2250s uniform, while The Pandora Principle describes this event as a non-Starfleet expedition that took place in the early 2270s. "Worlds Collide" agrees with The Pandora Principle that this was a 2270s event.


Issue Writer(s) Artist(s) Published Image
#7: Saavik's Story, Chapter One: "Pon Far!" Mike W. Barr August 1984 Pon Far
#8: Saavik's Story, Chapter Two: "Blood Fever" Mike W. Barr September 1984 Blood Fever
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