Sadie Johns was a tall female human Starfleet officer in the late-24th century.

In May 2381, Ensign Johns served aboard the Vesta-class USS Quirinal when it was assigned to Project Full Circle. During red alerts and battle drills, her station was on deck seventeen with Lieutenant junior grade Phinnegan Bryce.

Later in the year, when the Children of the Storm boarded the Quirinal, Bryce calmed Johns down when she thought the Children were coming for them. He assured her that they were more likely headed for engineering than for a couple of junior officers. Although Bryce was correct, Johns was rendered unconscious when a blast wave from an explosion in engineering hit her. (VOY novel: Children of the Storm)

In September of the same year, Johns was in the secondary hull when that part of the Quirinal became trapped in a fragment of the Omega Continuum. Although terrified, she was one of few who managed to master her fear and was chosen by Captain Xin Chan of the USS Curie, who was also trapped, to act for her ship. Johns, Xin, Derek Waverly of the USS Esquiline, and Captain Bal Itak of the USS Hawking all agreed that they would destroy their ships to prevent the Omega Continuum from bringing about the premature end of the universe. (VOY novel: The Eternal Tide)

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