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"Safari in Violet" was a roleplay module for FASA's Star Trek: The Role Playing Game written by two of the game's original developers, Guy W. McLimore, Jr. and Greg K. Poehlein. It was the third of eleven licensed adventures published in FASA magazines, this one in Stardate Magazine #3/4.


In accordance with the UFP Distressed Traveller's Act, the Federation has been requested to make pickup on a private photo-safari party on Quilian IV. Private transport of Exotica Tours has been delayed by equipment failure. Your vessel is the closest in the quadrant able to make pickup from the planetary surface. Proceed immediately to the Quilian star system...


The Bushman delivers a group of tourists to the jungles of Quilian IV for a 14-day photo safari. Starfleet diverts a starship when their scheduled pickup is unavailable.

A landing party finds the landing site abandoned, with their shuttlecraft battered beyond repair and Andorian blood found in the forward cabin. A search team locates expedition leader Jackson Corbert, who explains that previously undetected sapient natives killed their pilot and captured the rest of his group. In hopes of rescuing the tourists, the team follows a northwest trail through dense foliage teeming with animals.

One tourist is found drugged during a native demon-cleansing ceremony, while the remaining people are being held prisoner in an arboreal village.

Subsequent events depend on gameplay.



Jackson CorbertLex deBanneBeverly DennisD'val K'tannanCynthia LandissTerrence Leigh-Cameron IVKendall ReeseKaren Talbot
Referenced only 
JerginLatimerM. Ngara

Starships and vehicles[]

Federation starshipunnamed Federation shuttlecraft (unnamed Federation shuttlecraft classes)
Referenced only 


QuilianQuilian IV (arboreal village)

Races and cultures[]

AndorianHumanQuilian IV native
Referenced only 

States and organizations[]

Exotica ToursFederationStar Fleet CommandStar Fleet Exploration DivisionStar Fleet Operations (Quadrant Rescue Dispatch Office)

Science and classification[]

antitoxinbiologybotanycameraclubcommunicatorcomputercoordinatesdeadfalldefoliantdrugecologyferroconcreteinternal power planthatchbeaconlanguagemedpouchpainkillerphaserphaser riflephotographpoisonpower packsciencesciences divisionsensorspray dressingstimulantstunnersubspace communicationtransportertricordertripwiretype-2 phaserwarpweaponzoology


birdcrustaceanflowerflying carpet mossglamour flyhunter lizardinsectJergin's rockLatimer's ghostlemurmammalmegapedeplantreptilian

Ranks and titles[]

artistcommodorecommunications officerhunterleadermedicmedical officermerchantpilotscience officersecurity officersentry

Other references[]

animalarmorartatmospherebeamberrybloodbraincaterpillarcavechitinchlorophyllcivilizationcorporationdancingdaydemonDistressed Traveller's Actevolutionexpeditionfearfireforest firefruitGeneral Order Onegravityhostagehypnosisjunglelakelanding partylifelifeformmeterminutemoonmoustachenervous systemorbitoutpostplanetprison shackpyramidquadrantreligionreptilerocksafarisentiencesnakestar systemstardatestuntelepathytreevegetationwood


Related media[]




Scout ship Talisman surveys Quilian IV. (Three years prior to story)
Transport Bushman brings a safari tour group to Quilian IV. (Stardate 7598.4)


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