Sakal Damar was a male Cardassian and the only son of Legate Corat Damar and Niala Damar. He had several sisters.

When Damar launched the Cardassian Rebellion, Sakal and his mother were sent into hiding, despite the fact they were not part of the Rebellion; Corat knew Weyoun and the Female Changeling would hunt him down and make an example of him to send a message to the population that dissent of any kind would not be tolerated (they also believed that Damar deserved to pay a price for his actions in starting the Rebellion).

Sakal and his mother were initially successful in hiding from Jem'Hadar search parties. But when the Female Changeling ordered Weyoun to redouble his efforts to find him (which he did by interrogating random civilians such as teachers, scientists, etc.) they succeeded in finding them. One of the Rebellion's listening posts later intercepted a transmission from the Dominion saying that the Dominion executed them upon being discovered. (DS9 episode: "Tacking Into the Wind")

Sakal was the only survivor, and went on the run on Cardassia, though later died during the Battle of Cardassia when the Dominion began raining destruction upon the planet, wiping out 800 million innocent civilians. (DS9 short story: "An Errant Breeze")

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