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Sal McMurphy was a 23rd century Human man. In the 2280s, he served in Starfleet as a lieutenant aboard the Federation starship USS Enterprise-A under the command of Captain James T. Kirk.


McMurphy was three-dimensional chess champion in his Starfleet Academy class.

In the 2280s, after being assigned to the USS Enterprise-A, he played chess with Captain Spock, but was beaten in less than a dozen moves. Leonard McCoy and Spock later played a game of chess in the recreation room. McMurphy made a bet with Lieutenant Jamie Finney that Spock would win, unaware that Spock heard him. Afterward, Spock told him that a draw would be more likely.

McMurphy joined an all-volunteer crew in an unauthorized covert joint mission with Kor's IKS Revenge and T'Cel's ChR Phoenix to confront the "Critters". T'Cel's daughter T'Kir was outside the Enterprise in an environmental suit. When a problematic cable shorted out, McMurphy rescued her using a grappler arm from a repair pod ship. Later, when security officer Rasche hassled T'Kir, McMurphy again came to her defense. Privately, she confessed that she was more of an explorer than a warrior. They joined an assault team to board the "Critters" starship despite it being their first time in actual combat. He later called for a medic when she was wounded.

After the battle, he doubted Kor's sincerity in inviting Finney to permanently join his crew, thinking that Starfleet would always be in conflict with the Klingon Empire. (TOS comic: "Debt of Honor")

Early in the 24th century, McMurphy, T'Kir, and T'Cel located Finney after she'd been imprisoned and tortured on Qo'noS by a member of the Duras clan. McMurphy was shot and killed during her rescue. (TNG comic: "Cry Vengeance")



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