Salvum was a Federation planet in the galaxy’s Alpha Quadrant or Beta Quadrant, located in an outpost colonies sector. It had one natural satellite.

In the 23rd century, it was a game preserve, a sanctuary for endangered animal species in the Federation. It has a controlled atmosphere with a variety of habitable sectors, each with different environments that were carefully maintained.

The planet was surrounded by a clear, solid atmospheric shield to contain and manage habitation, and had at least two atmosphere locks for spacecraft to travel to and from the surface. The shield was required to keep the environments habitable. A leak in the shield would allow the atmosphere to dissipate, killing everything on the surface within a few hours.

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In 2267, the crew of a Grotus transport stole all of the male Gharian wedding birds from Salvum. They knocked out chief zoologist Axel Carruthers and his staff with sleeping gas, then avoided the pursuit of the USS Enterprise by firing on and opening a crack in the atmosphere’s shield. Montgomery Scott patched the crack with chemical spray adapted from Tholian tractor-web technology. James T. Kirk, Spock and Scott went undercover in an old D-1 spacecraft, traveling through an atmosphere lock to the non-aligned asteroid Grotus where they located the missing birds in an arena used for cockfighting. The birds were safely recovered. (TOS comic: "Sport of Knaves")

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