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Samuel Winters was a male human Starfleet officer who was first officer of the USS Belfast and later of the USS Enterprise-F.


Winters is a fourth-generation member of Starfleet. He entered Starfleet Academy as soon as he was eligible to do so. He served at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards and at Deep Space 6 where he was an engineering officer designing ships. He then transferred to the USS Tucker and the USS Montgomery Scott. He then served as an aide to Fleet Admiral Jorel Quinn at Earth Spacedock. (STO mission: "First Contact Day")

During the 2409 occupation of Deep Space 9 by time-shifted Dominion forces under First Kar'ukan, Winters was assigned to pilot a shuttlecraft that ran the blockade at DS9 in order to travel through the Bajoran wormhole and make diplomatic contact with Dominion authorities. (STO mission: "Operation Gamma")

Winters only appears in the Federation version of "Operation Gamma". He is replaced by a female Orion pilot in the Klingon Defense Force version.

Winters was then assigned as first officer of the USS Enterprise-F upon its launch. (STO missions: "Boldly They Rode", "First Contact Day")


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Samuel Winters is voiced by Tim Simmons in Star Trek Online. Simmons also voices Benjamin Walker, Jurlek, D'Vex, and Khimek.


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