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An illusionary Samurai attacks James T. Kirk.

Samurai were a warrior class that existed in ancient and feudal Japan on planet Earth.

History and specifications[]

In 17th century Japan, samurai Sūrū Yoshitaro, in the employ of Lord Uesugi, and his fellow warriors Naoe Kanemasa and Maeda Takamaru travelled to Yonezawa after the locals petitioned Lord Uesugi to help them with a magical Oni creature.

Yoshitaro defeated the creature who, unbeknownst to him, is a Na'kuhl temporal operative from the 29th century. (STO - Agents of Yesterday short story: "Steel and Karma")

Sūrū Yoshitaro.

One such knight of this warrior class ambushed Hikaru Sulu. While on the Amusement Park planet in the year 2267, Sulu's sub-conscious mind summoned one. Forced to flee, as his phaser was inoperable, Sulu escaped from the katana blade the samurai wielded. (TOS episode: "Shore Leave")

Illusions of Hikaru Sulu and a Samurai fought with Katanas after being discussed by James T. Kirk and Doctor Leonard McCoy. (TOS comic: "The Tree of Life, the Branches of Heaven")

In 2273, the Q Weyland transported Sulu to Japan in the year 1600, where he served as samurai Heihachiro Suru under the historic leader Torii Mototada. His first mission was to savely escort Mototada's concubine Oneko from Kyoto to Edo. (TOS novel: Home is the Hunter)

In 2289, a USS Enterprise landing party visited a previously undiscovered planet where there thoughts became reality. This led to an illusory samurai attacking Captain Kirk. (TOS comic: "The Tree of Life, the Branches of Heaven")

Mirror universe[]

They were also the name of the group of warriors in the Mirror Universe that served under Emperor James T. Kirk. They were completely loyal to their leader and would obey orders-even if it meant their death. They wore black versions of Cardassian battle armor with red sashes that signified the blood they had sworn to their leader.

It is not known if this class of warriors existed solely under Kirk or if they were already present within the Terran Empire, considering its altered militaristic nature. (TOS - Mirror Universe Trilogy novel: Dark Victory)


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