The san-chera was a type of animal indigenous to San-Tarah. It was an important game animal to the Children of San-Tarah.

Physical characteristicsEdit

The san-chera were large, yellow-blooded animals with six legs, four tusks and clawed feet. They had fur of varying colors, such as black or light brown.

Babies of the species were smaller than the size of a Klingon's arm, while the very largest adults may be three times the size of a full-grown Klingon.

Kornan reflected that san-chera resemble overgrown targs. (GKN novel: A Good Day to Die)


San-chera lairs may contain a large number of san-chera, including a mother, a father and several pups of varying ages. Mothers of the species would nurse their babies and groom their older pups, sometimes doing both at the same time.

In at least one observed instance, a san-chera father hunted during the day and brought a dead animal back to the lair for its nursing mate to eat.

Toq observed a san-chera pup standing on its two hind pairs of legs and batting at a tree with one of its front paws, causing fruit to come down. It licked its paws clean after it was done eating.

When the above mentioned pup caught Toq's smell, it immediately fled back to its lair. However, adult males of the species have been known to charge without much provocation.

San-chera were also capable of swimming. (GKN novel: A Good Day to Die)

The chera-makEdit

At one time, the greatest of all san-chera was called the chera-mak. Signigicantly, it had been known to feed on the flesh of the Children of San-Tarah, whose cubs told stories of it to frighten one another.

It was believed to be imdomitable, until Toq brought it down in 2376. In doing so, he also ensured success for the Gorkon crew in the first of the five contests to determine the fate of San-Tarah. (GKN novel: A Good Day to Die)

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