Sanara was a female Vulcan, of mixed Vulcan-Human heritage. She was born in 2286 on Vulcan, and both parents died shortly afterward, in a quake at Vulcana Regar. Sanara was taken in to the Institute for the Transmission of Vulcan Culture under the sponsorship of Saavik. She proved to be an exceptional student, attaining a B-9 computer rating on the Daystrom scale and becoming an advanced kal-toh player by age seven. She also possessed extraordinary telepathic abilities, which Institute Matron T'Ryth attempted to use in order to discover the lost, legendary city of ShiGral. She was freed from T'Ryth's influence by a mind-meld with Spock. (TOS - Strange New Worlds II short story: "The First Law of Metaphysics")

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