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Sand is a type of material substance defined as being finely crushed mineral fragments occurring on planetary surfaces.

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Sand differs from soil in that it is exclusively rocky mineral substances, without considerable organic materials as are found in soil, although soil will generally have some sand content.

On the holodeck of the Federation starship USS Cerritos in the year 2380, D'Vana Tendi noticed the beach sand in Beckett Mariner's holoprogram, having never seen anything like it. When asking about it, Ensign Brad Boimler noted that it 'got everywhere' and gave him a rash. He was surprised when Mariner informed him that only he got rashes from sand, and not everyone else. (LD episode: "Lower Decks")

Patterns of colored sand can be used as part of a meditation technique. Alternating colors and densities can be used to make art such as a sand garden, and then considered during meditation. This is due to the ephemeral quality of the composition - while time consuming to make and beautiful to enjoy, the sand garden cannot be maintained for long periods of time due to the shifting nature of the material on surfaces subject to turbulence or even air movement. The replicator on the Cerritos could make colored sand for this type of activity. (LD episode: "Moist Vessel")

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