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Sankey was a 23rd century Human man. He served in Starfleet as a shuttlecraft pilot aboard the Federation starship USS Enterprise in the 2260s under the command of Captain James T. Kirk.


In 2265, a temporal disruption brought the Enterprise near the planet Zeltok in the year 1465. Sankey piloted the Galileo on a survey expedition there along with James T. Kirk, Spock and crewman Joe Wells. Sankey narrowly avoided the outstretched claws of a newly hatched, massive Zeltok ant, then flew the shuttle for several more hours before landing the ship amid the ruins of an ancient Zeltok city. Another of the giant ants suddenly appeared and grabbed Wells. Sankey froze for a moment – Kirk grabbed Sankey's phaser and fired at the ant, which collapsed unconscious and dropped Wells. After tending to the fallen man, Kirk sympathized with Sankey, telling him that the creature's appearance would frighten anybody.

Later, Sankey hovered the shuttle while Spock tried speaking to a group of Zeltok gorillas using a universal translator. They didn't speak, but Sankey saw them gesturing, and he piloted the shuttle through mountain passes to a fortress. Sankey landed inside its walls beside gorillas and Karn, a Zeltok humanoid. When a horde of ants began to assault the fortress, Sankey launched the shuttle and helped fire low-yield missiles, but the ants overwhelmingly outnumbered them. When Karn refused to leave the gorillas and urged the Starfleet men to depart, Sankey flew the shuttle back to the Enterprise. (TOS comic: "Vibrations in Time")



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