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The Sanoora are a humanoid civilization native to the planet Nraka who later colonized the Sanoora host planet.

History and specifics[]


Sanoora resembled Humans except for lacking a nose. Thousands of years ago, they had hair, but over the centuries they became bald.


500,000 years ago, the Sanoora built an advanced society with tall cities, observatories, groundcars and computer technology. Scientists detected a rogue star that would pass close enough to annihilate the planet's surface in 340 years. Having centuries of advance warning, the Sanoora were able to prepare a mass exodus, and many were able to evacuate in a fleet of Sanoora world ships.

Those left behind survived increased radiation caused by the extinction-level event and evolved into the Nrakan race.

In 2266, one of the world ships returned to Nraka demanding that the Nrakans cede the planet back to them. When Nrakans fought back, the world ship fired on the visiting starship USS Enterprise, prompting James T. Kirk and Spock to provide missile specifications to penetrate its shields, and it was forced to retreat. (TOS comic: "The Evictors")

The world ship joined its sister ships in colonizing the Sanoora host planet, a young but radiation-soaked world. Sanoora invented an advanced anti-radiation medicine and seeded the surface with an amino acid slime that could be harvested for food.

In 2268, when the Enterprise was sent to study this planet, visiting personnel were given doses of the medicine. Leonard McCoy studied its chemistry and developed a counter-agent to neutralize the radiation planet-wide. It was deployed via rockets to the atmosphere and soil after a brief civil war ended between governing factions. (TOS comic: "Planet of No Life")


After being driven from Nraka in 2266, the 13-member Sanoora Supreme Council fractured into two factions, with the majority being Sanoora Builders who preferred to continue colonization efforts. The minority were Sanoora Returners who wanted to invade Nraka again. The Returners blamed the Federation and Kirk in particular for their roles in denying them their homeworld. (TOS comic: "Planet of No Life")


  • Sanoora Supreme Council
  • Sanoora Builders
  • Sanoora Returners



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