"I shall become as the stone." - Sanshiin.

Sanshiin was the name of a Vulcan who lived during the years before his species adopted the principles of logic that were preached by the philosopher Surak. At the time, he was the High Master of the Kolinahru mind lords. It was said that he was a bloodthirsty warlord at the time who bathed in the blood of his enemies in a quest for immortality. This remained the case until one day he stood amid the bodies of his slain enemies and came to the realization that whilst millions of men died, the planet remained. Following that moment, he changed his path to become a seeker of wisdom that sought to attain immortality. At the Time of Awakening, he converted to the teachings of Surak and abandoned the brutal ways of the mind lords.

Between the year 319 to 596, the hermit that became known as Sanshiin began to blend the teachings of Tu-Surak with those of the kolinahru in order to create the Kolinahr path which was named after the mountain where he taught his adepts. As part of the process, he crafted the Kolinahru Monastery and it was known that he became a teacher of this path for 277 years. The stories of his journeys were stated to fill fifty books and that his teachings of the kolinahr were those studied by philosophers. According to Sanshiin, it was said that emotions were a trick that blinded the individual from seeing the universe at it was truly appeared. Thus, once it was cast aside, a Vulcan was capable of being one with creation itself. (Last Unicorn RPG module: The Way of Kolinahr: The Vulcans)

Its hinted that the name Sanshiin was not his original name but one that he adopted in later years.
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