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The Saratoga (NV-20)[1] was a 22nd century United Earth[3] starship, a Intrepid-class[1] light cruiser[2] in United Earth Starfleet service in the 2150s[3] decade. Its commanding officer was Captain Brody.[3] (ENT episode: "The Forgotten", ST - Rise of the Federation novel: Am Scheideweg)

Service history[]

Lieutenant Jane Taylor served aboard Saratoga under Captain Brody before Commander Charles Tucker requested her transfer to the engineering department aboard Enterprise. (ENT episode: "The Forgotten")

The vessel remained in service in 2163, and became part of the UESPA branch of the amalgamated Federation Starfleet following the Founding of the Federation in the year 2161. Saratoga operated at Earth during a visit by the Columbia-class[2] USS Endeavour (NCC-06). (ST - Rise of the Federation novel: Am Scheideweg)




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