Saraven was a male Valzhan born in the late 17th or early 18th century, a member the Clan Briphachi. In the early to mid 18th century, Saraven, by then patriarch of his large family, volunteered to command Valzhan's first deep-space colony ship. In doing so, he gave up his role as head of his clan, turning the responsibility to his eldest son, Maltim.

Saraven's ship went missing when it crossed through the Delta Triangle region, and entered an interdimensional rift called Elysia, where numerous other alien space travelers had found themselves stranded. Given the nature of his mission, and the array of supplies and materials on his ship, Saraven and the Valzhan colonists were able to contribute significantly to this new society. Saraven became one of Elysia's most trusted advisers, and a key member of the ruling Elysian Council.

In 2269, after the USS Enterprise discovered Elysia and detected an apparent Valzhan vessel amongst the collection of lost ships, the Valzhan government requested that Starfleet further investigate the fate of Saraven's mission. USS Lovell Captain Daniel Okagawa met with Saraven, who declined the invitation to leave Elysia and return to his homeworld.

Over a century later, in 2376, Clan Briphachi was dissolved when it was joined by marriage with Clan Iggrazo. Valzhan Guardian Royano of the Ancestral Commission traveled to Elysia aboard the USS da Vinci to present to Saraven, as the former patriarch, the jelorakem of Clan Briphachi. (SCE eBook: Where Time Stands Still)

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