Sarjenka was a female Dreman born in the early 2350s, the daughter of Eliatriel and Rakan. (SCE eBook: Progress)

In 2365, while her planet, Drema IV, was in the midst of catastrophic geological shifts, Sarjenka began transmitting radio frequency calls for help, which were eventually intercepted by Lieutenant Commander Data of the USS Enterprise-D. Data brought Sarjenka aboard the Enterprise, and then convinced Captain Picard to intervene to save the Dreman population, an act arguably inconsistent with the Prime Directive. In order to avoid further cultural contamination, Picard ordered Doctor Katherine Pulaski to erase Sarjenka's short-term memories of her interaction with the Federation. (TNG episode: "Pen Pals")

By 2369, Drema IV had become a Federation protectorate, and Sarjenka was a medical apprentice to Healer Drankla. That year, a dilithium mining disaster struck Drema IV, during which Sarjenka assisted members of the Starfleet starships USS Progress and USS Trosper. She was reunited during this mission with Progress chief medical officer Katherine Pulaski, who, after observing Sarjenka in action during the rescue mission, sponsored the young woman's application to Starfleet Medical Academy.

Data recalled Sarjenka in 2376 when he was affected by the Orb of Memory aboard the Cardassian vessel Kamal. (DS9 novel: Avatar, Book One)

Sarjenka graduated with her medical degree in May of 2377, as well as a commission as a Lieutenant, junior grade. Upon graduation she was offered the position of deputy chief medical officer of the USS da Vinci, under Captain David Gold. (SCE eBook: Progress) She assisted Dr. Elizabeth Lense during her pregnancy, though Lense herself did not appreciate the help. (CoE eBooks: Turn the Page, Troubleshooting) Lense departed the da Vinci shortly before her pregnancy came to term, and Sarjenka took over as chief medical officer. (CoE eBooks: Ghost, Remembrance of Things Past, Book I)

During a mission to Icaria Prime to treat a mysterious affliction among an archaeological team including Captain Picard, Sarjenka had her old hidden memories restored to her by an ancient Gretharan device. Though initially resentful of Picard for his callous treatment of her years earlier, she was able to put her feelings aside and to treat her patient to the best of her abilities. (CoE eBooks: Remembrance of Things Past, Book I, Remembrance of Things Past, Book II)

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