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Sarr Theln-class warships were a class of starship used by the Breen Confederacy by the 25th century.


In 2409 a Sarr Theln-class vessel commanded by Thot Mer led a Breen battle group in an attack on the IKS Batlh, the flagship of Klingon Emperor Kahless, in the Sanek system. They eliminated the Batlh's escorts and disabled the flagship itself, but shortly thereafter the Breen forces were destroyed by Klingon Defense Force vessels responding to the emperor's distress call. (STO mission: "Destiny")

Other Sarr Theln-class vessels attacked locations in Deferi territory such as the Kelvani Belt and Deferi Outpost 3. (STO mission: "Aiding the Deferi")

Another Sarr Theln-class under the overall command of Thot Trel attacked Ambassador Surah's starship Jeska in orbit of Defera. (STO mission: "Cold Call")

Yet another pursued Deferi refugees attempting to escape slavery in a Breen mine on Zaria. (STO mission: "Out in the Cold")

In all cases the vessels in question were destroyed by Deferi-allied ships belonging to either Starfleet, the Klingon Defense Force, or the Romulan Republican Force. (ST video game: Star Trek Online)

Based on the designs of the Sarr Theln-class, the Breen Confederacy was able to develop a carrier variant for this warship, the Sarr Theln Carrier.

Technical dataEdit

Sarr Theln-class vessels were more durable but less maneuverable than the smaller Chel Grett-class cruisers.

They were equipped with polaron weapons and transphasic torpedoes and carried Bleth Choas-class fighters. (STO video game: Star Trek Online)



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