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For the primary universe counterpart, see Saru.
"A slave has no name."
Saru to Michael Burnham, 2256[src]

Saru was a male Kelpien in the mid-23rd century of the mirror universe. Because he was a slave, he had no name of his own.


By the year 2256, he served aboard the ISS Shenzhou, attending to the personal needs of Michael Burnham, such as her morning bath, daily meals, and uniform.

He was unaware that the prime reality Michael Burnham had infiltrated the vessel and taken her counterpart's place. Burnham named the mirror Saru with the name of his primary universe counterpart and claimed it was in tribute to a respected friend. Later, the mirror Saru saved Burnham's life when Ash Tyler's programming was undone and Tyler attempted to kill Burnham.

When consulting with the primary Saru, Burnham decided not to tell him about his counterpart and his place aboard the mirror vessel. (DSC episode: "The Wolf Inside")

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