The Sattar are a species whose government is known as the Sattar Collective and are known for their ties with the Klingons. They are not known for their honesty. The Sattar Collective is a reluctant member of the Klingon Empire; they cooperated with the Klingons to their own advantage, but overall they do not like the way they are being treated under them.

They are small humanoids, covered with tawny or dun-colored fur (including on face and palms of hands) and have a mane on their heads which could stand on end. Darkened fuzz around the nose and eyes indicate age. Captains of the species controlled their crews, or "members," with a combination of familial and dictatorial authority. They were touchy about physical contact. A characteristic for them is that they constantly made deals with others in order to get what they want, sometimes resorting to underhanded actions.

In 2372, a Sattar ship, the Reaper, docked at Deep Space 9 right before a plasma storm came into the sector. A large number of them also migrated deep into Federation territory to escape the rising conflict between the Federation and the Klingons. (DS9 novel: The Tempest)

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